They are sexy, steezy, and on top of the charts – half-sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are alike in more ways than just sharing similar adjectives. You must have noticed how they both own a makeup brand, Kiki has KKW Beauty and Kylie owns Kylie Cosmetics. Plus, they also have envy-inducing curvy bodies.

If you’re anyone like the common person, you might have also wondered which of them is the copier and which is the inspiration for the other. To answer that for you, it’s of course Kylie Jenner, who is about 17 years younger than Kim, who copies the Skims owner. Can’t believe that? Well, here’s a list to help you count all the ways Kylie Jenner copies Kim Kardashian:

1 – The chest-to-waist-to-booty ratio

Many people question how Kylie Jenner blossomed into a head-turning physically blessed diva in such a short time. Is it that puberty hit her favorably or that a doctor came to her help? You can really not know that unless the diva herself opens up, but the popular opinion is that Kylie has got her figure enhanced.

Who must have been her inspiration? More than likely that would have been elder sister Kim Kardashian. Kim is more of a natural even though some argue that she also gets injected to maintain and somewhat make her bountiful cleavage and hips appear bigger. Look at Kendall Jenner and Kylie’s old pictures and you’d also question whether Kylie’s a natural or plastic.

2 – The craze for rocking athleisure outfits

Once upon a time Kim Kardashian wore more glittery and girly clothes. And then, Kanye West happened. The singer and Yeezy designer married Kim and didn’t take any time before emptying wardrobe and adding the styles that he preferred. After that event Kim Kardashian has majorly showed up in athleisure outfits.

Interestingly, the rest of the Kardashian and Jenner sister didn’t waste any moment to follow suit. Kylie Jenner also started sporting the same type of looks with trackpants and sports bras, fitted crop tops, and sneakers. Clearly, Kim’s style led the rest of the gang into this fashion zone and they’ve been rocking it ever since.

3 – The siren like long, wavy, black locks

Though Kim Kardashian is no stranger to changing up her hair game, her go-to look that she’s been sporting for a long, long time are long wavy hair. That too, in black. Sure, she’s painted her hair other colors too like silver and brown but black is her signature style one that she comes back to after trying different colors.

Kylie Jenner also has the same long locks that she comes back to every single time! When Kylie was younger, she used to play a bit more with her mane. She cut it different lengths and painted on unicorn hues often. It was kinda hard to say that she had any signature look. It’s now been a while since Kylie has maintained a basic look which happens to be the same as that of Kim Kardashian.

4 – The interest in black men

Fans think it’s weird, and sort of funny too, that three ladies of the family are attracted mostly to black men. Kim Kardashian is the one who, like always, started this trend. She’s been married for a long time to Kanye West with whom she shares four children, North, Saint, Chicago, and Saint West. Kylie Jenner has so far dated three prominent black names in Hollywood.

She first dated Jaden Smith, then went on and started a romance with Tyga, followed by having a serious relationship with Travis Scott. With Travis, she also shares her daughter Stormi. Following her breakup with the Astroworld rapper, Kylie has not been seen romantically with another man. However, rumor did say that she was dancing around Drake.

5 – The olive skin tone

Another natural feature of Kim Kardashian that Kylie has adopted as her own is Kim’s skin complexion. Kim is half Armenian from her father’s side which is what has lent her a distinctly glowing olive colored skin and prominent features. Kylie, on the other hand, is Caitlyn Jenner’s daughter who has passed on to her an American pale skin tone.

Probably unsatisfied with her original looks, Kylie Jenner started sporting a fake tan and maybe even gets her body painted regularly so that her complexion appears more like that of Kim. Now if you visit any of Kylie’s older pictures and compare them to the looks she has today, you’ll be shocked to see the obvious and major differences.

6 – The want for more children

Kim Kardashian has four children and now Kylie Jenner wants to give birth to a train of children too. The youngest of the Kar-Jenner sisters welcomed her daughter to this world at the very young age of just 20. Not very long after the birth of her first child, rumors started spiraling that she was pregnant with another child.

However, all those rumors went to dust because they didn’t hold any truth. This doesn’t mean though that Kylie would take a long time before bringing another baby of hers into this world. The reality TV show star has expressed time and again that she wants to have more children and that she can’t wait to have another.

7 – The love for makeup

It seems as though Kylie has also somehow inherited her love and skill for makeup from her second-oldest sister. You might be thinking how we could say that since Kylie Cosmetics came out before KKW Beauty? Well, several years before the two brands came into existence, the Kardashian triples, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, tried to push other beauty ventures which failed.

Then when Kylie started her own cosmetics brand she got lucky. Some accused Kim of copying Kylie when she introduced KKW Beauty, but the 39-year-old explained that their brands were completely different. Both the women have different audiences, focuses, and products. Since fortune has been by Kylie’s side, her business has had more success than Kim’s.

8 – The reality TV show for show

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly the mastermind who paved the way for her family. With Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she brought all her sisters and even some of her friends to the limelight. Kylie was 10 when she started coming on the show so basically the viewers of KUWTK have watched Kylie grow right along with Kendall.

But because Kylie wanted some solo spotlight, she took inspiration from their family’s realty TV show and then came to screen Life of Kylie. Even though this show didn’t last for many seasons, it did give Kylie more exposure. Thanks to all the viewers and attention she got, her following on Instagram and other social media channels catapulted which has been a huge asset for her.

So, these are all the ways Kylie Jenner has copied Kim. Clearly copying her elder sister has worked very well for her. Can you think of other ways Kylie has copied Kim’s style and success? Let’s talk in the comments.