A book can be a welcome escape, one that takes you away and thrusts you in a world where you’d really rather be. A good novel though is more than just about going away someplace else. It is about falling in love with the characters like you know them personally and living in the setting because of how the words’ spellbindingly make up a scene.

If you’ve read your TBR pile completely or are just looking to add more books to it, you’re at the right spot. We’ve made a list of 8 upcoming books which seem interesting enough to be worth your reading time:

1 – 10 Blind Dates

While intimidating, there’s this odd pot of expectations that blind dating fuels. Ashley’s Elston’s 10 Blind Dates is for anyone who likes a book with several characters and feels the same way about blind dates. The book revolves around Sophie who is set up to go on 10 blind dates after she experiences a devastating breakup.

When the boy who broke her heart at the start wants her to give him another chance, her answer doesn’t come immediately. The theme also deals with the pleasures of having a huge family and packs in a good load of cuteness. Goodreads’ reviewers who have read this young adult romance have rated it with a good number of stars. Go fetch it on October 1.

2 – Loki: Where Mischief Lies  

If you are a fan of Marvel movies, this is one book you should buy at all costs. Loki, brother of the god of thunder in the comics and the MCU, is one beloved character. He may not exactly be a protagonist, but he’s sure won as much approval as one. This illustrative book has been written by Mackenzi Lee and illustrated by Stephanie Hans.

The book’s story explores younger Loki and his desire to prove himself when everyone around him believes him to be the antagonist. The book unravels not just the god of mischief’s adventures both in Asgard and on Earth, but also reveals how Loki discovers more about his powers. Excited? Luckily, this book will soon be on Shelves on September 3.

3 – Ninth House

Leight Bardugo is one of those writers who never fails to come up with characters who live on in memories. She creates rich worlds that are dark and mesmerizing. Her story-telling abilities are beyond extraordinary. If you are craving a new place of her mind, know that Ninth House, her upcoming novel, isn’t too far from release.

The story gravitates around a young girl, Galaxy Alex Stern, who is a homicide survivor pushed into a sketchy world at a young age. When she gets a chance to attend an elite university at the price of knowing more about the sins going on under the covers there, she doesn’t resist. Fall into Bardugo’s latest creation on October 8. Even Sabaa Tahir has enjoyed this obvious masterpiece.

4 – Unpregnant

Unpregnant by Jenni Hendriks and Tel Caplan is not merely about teen pregnancy. The story also dives into friendship and betrayal. It starts with Veronica Clarke, the main character, finding out she’s pregnant at seventeen. Helpless and hopeless, she steers toward her ex-best friend to travel 900 miles to get an abortion.

But the ride that leads to her destination is filled with more than the crazy that comes with her ex-BFF, Bailey. It brings out fights and secrets that cause an awful lot of hurt. This novel is for anyone who enjoys a fun but deep read. Young adults are sure to find Veronica’s relation with Bailey relatable and the story enjoyable. Unpregnant will be out on September 10.

5 – Regretting You

After Verity and the good news of It Ends With Us is possibly turning into a movie, fans can’t wait for Colleen Hoover’s next book. Regretting You, Hoover’s up-next novel stands on the pillar of a mother and daughter’s relationship. The book is for both young adults and adults as it alternates between the POVs of Morgan Grant and her daughter Clara.

The story is about the conflicting ideas of both the females and how one family devastation puts them even more apart. At the end of the day, the novel promises to touch the hearts of both mothers and daughters. Looks like this book will be just as unique as Hoover’s last few books. Unfortunately, you will have to wait till December 10 to get your hands on it.

6 – Not The Girl You Marry

If you are on the lookout for a light contemporary romance, this book should be your choice. Not The Girl You Marry has Jack Nolan and Hannah Mayfield as main characters. Both of them are driven and looking to do well in their careers. Another thing common between the two is their desperate situation – they need to go for a fake relationship.

But when their fake dating starts to give them real feelings, they are left questioning what to do next. This novel is by Andie J. Christopher who is a USA Today bestseller. Those on Goodreads who have read it, have given it four or five stars. This gives others good reason to give the story a definite read. The book will be out on November 12.

7 – Mooncakes

Are you a fan of Sabrina, you know ‘the teenage witch?’ If so, Mooncakes is a graphic novel that you should add to your to-be-read pile. It is about a young practicing witch and how she comes across her once crush Tam Lang combating a horse demon in the middle of the woods. Then begins a story of love and witchcraft.

This book is authored by Suzanne Walker and illustrated by Wendy Xu. The cover of the illustrated novel is proof that the material inside is going to be captivating. And though it is not even out yet, those who have had the chance to read it have loved the content. You can get your copy of Mooncakes by mid-October this year.

8 – Christmas Shopaholic

Confessions Of A Shopaholic brought attention to not only Sophie Kinsella but also her shop-nasty character, Becky Bloomwood. Now this year we’ll be getting the ninth part of the series which resonates with shopaholic fans around the globe. In this book, Becky has grown a bit, but has she grown up, enough?

As the name suggests the story would be following her Christmas adventures. The tale this time around is about how Becky hosts a whole Christmas party herself. If you are a fan of chick-lit novels, this is one book you are sure to enjoy. It packs in a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and already has the thumbs of most of its Goodreads’ reviewers.