You should express your love every day, all the time but designating one day to celebrating love is just too romantic to miss out on. Not to forget, even if you are not big on making a big deal out of Feb 14, there’s a great chance that your girlfriend fully is. And that is good enough reason for you to make the day special for her.

Valentine’s Day is super close now, so hopefully you’ve already shopped some little or big gift for your loved one. But if you haven’t bought anything so far, for whatever reason, and are confused about what you should buy for your woman, then you are at the right place. Here’s a list of 8 unique gifts that you can get your girl this love day:

1 – Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love scented candles, right? This Valentine’s Day give your girl spa treatment at home. Not only will you be giving her a relaxing time and getting her in the mood, you will also be able to save some money.

And let’s admit it, for many of us staying at home on busy weekends is always a better option. While you will be able to find a lotion and other basic massage stuff at home, scented candles are unlikely to be there. And even after Valentine’s, the scented candles will always remind her of you. You know how smell is great at recalling memory.

2 – Weekender Bag

If you want to give your girl something practical that she will also surely love, then get her a weekender bag. She probably already has a cupboard full of handbags and clutches, this is why a weekender bag is a better gift.

Many people don’t invest in weekender bags, especially if they are trying to save. Receiving such a thing as a gift gets them what they wanted to buy but were only delaying. What’s more, since travel duffel bags are not used on a daily basis, they are in use for way longer. This means every time your girl goes on a trip she’ll miss you at least a bit.

3 – Face Mask

Is your lady into skincare? Get her a jar of face mask. This gift will keep her looking and feeling fresh all week long, something for which she’ll truly appreciate you. For women, there is no such thing as enough beauty products, be they cosmetics or skincare products.

Don’t purchase sheet masks because those are often less in terms of quantity and higher when it comes to price. So, choose a face mask that comes in a jar and comes off easily. Not good at choosing products like this one? Maybe you could ask a female friend to help you pick out a great face mask for your girl.

4 – Shower Speaker

One of cheapest ways to chill is by taking a long bath. Add in some music and it is even better. Make showers amazing for your loved one by getting her a shower speaker. Such a speaker is highly waterproof which means a few drops and some heat in the bathroom wouldn’t damage the gadget.

You can easily find a Bluetooth shower speaker on Amazon. However, make sure you don’t compromise on quality. A shower speaker that doesn’t survive in the bathroom for more than two uses is of no use, right?

5 – Instant Camera

If you’re girl loves making memories memorable by clicking pictures or is just generally into retro stuff or photography an instant camera would be great gift. Though instant cameras are a bit on the expensive side, they are a lovely gift for someone you love truly and have known for years.

Recently these cameras that print out pictures taken in real-time have become popular again. One option you can explore is the Instax Fujifilm cameras. Before investing in any gizmo though, don’t forget to read reviews online.

6 – Silk Pillowcase

Get your girl a silk pillowcase so that she has you on her mind every night! Silk pillowcases are a gift she is going to love because while you might not know their benefits, she sure would. These soft pillowcases will make her feel royal and improve both her skin and her hair.

Yes, not kidding. Even though a good silk pillowcase costs more than regular pillowcases, it is worth it because it reduces wrinkles, prevents hair breakage, and helps you sleep better as well. Silk pillowcases also happen to be super trendy these days.

7 – Warming Slippers

Warm up her feet to warm up her heart for you – sounds like a plan, no? For a lot of females, the cold weather brings one big struggle – freezing toes! And honestly, wearing socks all the time can get a bit uncomfortable.

Particularly, if your feet are wet from a bath. So, if you live in a colder area or your girl just happens to be a big fan of all things cozy, then a set of warming slippers would most definitely be a worthwhile gift.

8 – Weighted Blanket

Last on our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for her is a weighted blanket. Such a blanket will be even more loved by your partner if she is someone who struggles with sleep, if you are in a long-distance relationship or she has anxiety.

Weighted blankets feel like a hug and they enable better sleep. They are also pretty good for your health, as per the little research that has been done on them. They’re also great reminders that you love the person you’ve gifted them to because they ooze care.