A zit here, a zit there and down goes your self-esteem. That’s what acne does – its sips out all your hope, it makes you feel low. You start thinking of yourself as ugly and avoid looking at anyone and everyone around you. Every time you see someone you find pretty you curse your existence more and more.

Quite honestly, the internal monologue that keeps your self-loathing afloat can be difficult to battle and kill. And, how can you feel better when all you want to desperately do is find that one cream that can make all the marks and bumps vanish overnight? But nothing seems to work! It can be frustrating, really. The American Academy of Dermatology mentions how research has linked acne to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, loneliness, among other negative emotions.

If you are noticing that nothing is really making those pimples bid their final farewell what can you do? Now the only route you have left is to look at bright side, accept your acne, and move on. How can you do that? Let’s help you out. Here are 8 tips that you should stick to, albeit it can be challenging to, for keeping your confidence intact in times of acne-reign.

1 – Manage your stress

It is not unlikely that you’re harboring tensions because of acne. You can be worried about not being good enough, never being able to get rid of acne, and so many other acne related thoughts. Don’t let the stress of it all make a home in your mind though. If you let that happen, your acne will worsen.

Research shows stress can exacerbate the acne situation. Therefore, keep stress low. You can do this by practicing yoga or meditating. You can also keep a journal in which you can note down your feelings. Organizing and decluttering is another way you can destress.

2 – Stop comparing yourself

Social media has many negative psychological impacts. One of those is comparing yourself to others and experiencing feelings of envy, jealousy or complex. The first step to not letting your self-esteem weaken because of Instagram models is understanding nothing is as it looks on the internet.

You see, Kylie Jenner looks flawless, but she doesn’t only go for several surgeries, but also wears loads of makeup and photoshops her images. No one is perfect even though they seem to be so on social media. If you still can’t defeat the blue feelings, limit your social media use. A social media detox will help you improve your mental health.

3 – Be kind to yourself

If you have been through acne before too or are going through it right now, there’s a chance you are empathetic toward those in the same boat. What you may be forgetting is that you must be kind to your own self as well.

In this regard, tell yourself repeatedly that you need to love yourself. You need to be there for yourself in these tough times. Only when you are a bit kinder would you feel less crappy. Need an ice-cream? Get it. Want to nap? Go for it.

4 – Look at yourself

When we say look at yourself this doesn’t mean that you should look at yourself in the mirror and feel a strong urge to squeeze a pimple. Or abuse your appearance because you find yourself not beautiful enough.

Look at yourself and the features of yours that you find beautiful and focus on those. Tell yourself that there may be people who are flawless out there, but there are also those who are suffering more than you. Be grateful for your beauty instead of focusing on your not-best qualities.

5 – Acknowledge progress

While looking at all the marks and pimples you yet have to banish, don’t forget about the progress that you have made. If you don’t acknowledge how far you have come, you will end up constantly hating for yourself and missing out on living in the present.

Concentrating on the progress you have made will also help you feel hopeful. If you have not made any progress, you should consider changing your dermatologist. Perhaps some other skin specialist better knows how to give a shut-up call to your flare-ups.

6 – Don’t care about others’ opinions

So many victims of acne constantly feel down because they can’t stop thinking about what others must be thinking about them. It’s simple – there are two kinds of people. The first kind thinks you don’t look good enough.

You don’t need to care about these people because such negativity isn’t worth your attention. The second type doesn’t care about your acne as these people love you either way. And since they are not bothered by or hating on your skin, what’s there to worry about? Keep this positivity around.

7 – Avoid social withdrawal

Did you know that isolation doesn’t only give you stress, but it also is linked to other health problems? Most people, when they get acne, lose a good chunk of their confidence which leads them to hiding in the comfort of their house.

This can be depressing and is not the right move. To improve the place you are mentally at, hold your head up high and maintain your social life. Don’t let acne make you hide behind the covers. Surround yourself with the people who admire you for who you are on the inside.

8 – Love and value yourself

Last but not the least, continue loving yourself. Value your goodness. Live life like you would have had you not been attacked by pimple breakouts. Know your worth and don’t let people use you or make fun of you.

It is easy to consider yourself a lesser being because someone is prettier than you. If the opposite person is harmful, he or she wouldn’t take time to take benefit of your weakness. If you love yourself, you’ll be aware of who you need to keep your distance from.

Summing up, healing your confidence when your skin is going through turmoil can be challenging. When this happens, you will have to learn to stay positive and not sacrifice your self-esteem. To boost your confidence, stay social, don’t compare yourself to others, don’t stress, and know you worth. Also, don’t care about what others say, just focus on your progress. Remember, time heals all.