Tom Hiddleston is one bachelor that every woman has her eyes on. The Thor actor mesmerized fans when he brought to life the love-to-hate and hate-to-love character Loki. Because he’s such a fan-favorite, you probably already know that the 38-year-old Westminster-born star has bagged several awards and done many hit movies.

The actor who has a scandalous history may be more mum about his personal affairs now, but there’s already a good amount that people know about this true British gentleman. Yet there are things that you may not be knowing about him. Of those, here are 8 fun facts to feed your appetite:

1 – His butt has its own hashtag on Twitter

Tom Hiddleston’s bum is almost as famous as his face. The actor revealed the sight of his bare butt during a steamy scene on The Night Manager. To the dismay of American fans, the scene was cut out for them. This made Hiddleston tell everyone that his butt was not “dangerous.”

Well, looks like US television wanted to save its female audience from evaporating in love. The fame of Hiddleston’s behind can be understood from the facts that this man has his butt’s own hashtag #hiddlesbum and in 2016, he also won the Rear of the Year award. Interesting, no?

2 – His unique eyes had fans confused initially

There’s more mystery to his eyes than just being kind yet sharply captivating. When people caught him fighting his on-screen brother, Thor multiple times they wondered out loud what his actual eye color was. In some settings it appeared to be blue while in others, it looked green.

Some explained that it was the effect of the light and the color he was wearing which would influence his eye color. The actor was questioned about this eventually and that’s when fans had one answer – his eyes are blue.

3 – Fans are obsessed with his smell

Looks and smells both like dessert? It’s not just his jaw or his fabulous color-changing eyes, people are also crazy about what he smells like. Looking at his posh profile, it’s easy to assume this man is a pleasure to be around because he smells divine.

Netizens have debated for long what he actually smells like and which cologne he uses. Why? Because those of them who have been lucky enough to meet him have noticed that he smells as good as he looks. Some say he smells like tangerine.

4 – Armani dropped him because of his embarrassing romance

It’s known to everyone who loves Hiddleston that for a brief period he dated Taylor Swift. For some reason that short time landed him in troubled waters. Luxury fashion house Armani decided to not have him on board because of that romance. Why? Because it was “embarrassing.”

Before Tom, Calvin Harris was on the covers of Armani’s underwear collection and was Taylor’s man. However, the brand didn’t want to garner negative attention or seem like it was cashing in on the scandal which is why the bosses decided to not have Tom on the team.

5 – The fan backlash his romance received has made him more private

Picking up from his romance with the Reputation singer in 2016, the actor was highly criticized online because the love affair appeared to be staged and was plain cringey. Clearly, the whole controversy affected him because now, we hardly get to see his paparazzi-caught pictures.

Talking about how private he has become following the scandal, the Loki actor said, “I’m protective about my internal world now in probably a different way.” He further added, “That’s because I didn’t realize it needed protecting before.”

6 – He’s afraid of sharks but not of death

Tom Hiddleston has not been coy about telling fans what he truly fears – sharks. Anyone who likes this man knows that he thinks of sharks as “nature’s ultimate killing machine.” Though he does swim, when he realizes that he’s too far away from the shore, he heads back to land.

Apart from sharks, Tom fears regret. However, he’s not scared of death. The 38-year-old once said, “I’m not afraid of death, although I know that sounds odd.” Well, we’re sure his character Loki is also not scared of death because he always find a way to be resurrected!

7 – He’s a man of many talents

This actor is not merely an actor. In fact, he’s got one too many talents. He sings well and knows how to play a bunch of musical instruments including the guitar, drum, piano, and trumpet. He’s also an ace dancer so much so that you can easily find several videos of his killer moves on YouTube.

Did you know Tom also used his dancing skills to attract females? What a peacock! What’s more, he’s super good at doing celebrity impersonations. He’s impersonated Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and many other fellow actors.

8 – He put up a tough front in boarding school

When Tom Hiddleston was young, he pretended to be tough so that the boys at his boarding school wouldn’t pick on him. On the inside though, he felt vulnerable with a mix of anger and grief because of his parents’ divorce. This is what led him to acting.

Hiddleston revealed once, “There is a level of bravado you have to keep up otherwise you’ll get picked on. I was really quite upset and probably sad, vulnerable and angry. Acting presented a way of expelling those feelings in a safe place.”

So, this sums up our list of things that you probably did not know about this British actor. Do you happen to know other fun, less-known facts about him? If so, share with us in the comments!