If you have sensitive skin, it is best to note the signs early on. Otherwise, you soon get tangled into a mess of dermatologist trips and skin that worsens with every trigger. When you are pre-informed, you take measures accordingly beforehand which prevents the furthering of skin troubles. Not sure how to know if your skin is sensitive? Don’t worry, here’s a list of signs that your skin is sensitive and needs special attention:

1 – Rashes don’t take much to form

Is your skin prone to rashes? Chances are that it needs some extra love. Like painful rashes, red bumps are also a sign of sensitive skin. If your skin often gets these two signs when you try a new product, it is best to patch test before applying any cream or another formula generously on yourself. This way, you’ll be able to prevent a full-blown reaction.

2 – Dryness happens every now and then

Many people have skin that doesn’t take much irritation to get dry. Severe dryness happens because sensitive skin is not able to efficiently hold on to moisture. Typically, dryness is a sign of eczema. Check if you have any flakiness or scaling on your dry skin areas that keeps spreading. If so, chances are you have this type of dermatitis.

3 – Fragrance simply doesn’t suit you

Fragrant products are nice to the nose, but for some people the topical application of products that have a lot of fragrance is equivalent to a nightmare. This is because fragrance doesn’t take much time to cause breakouts and flare-ups. If your skin is so sensitive that it doesn’t react well to fragrance, stick with fragrance-free products or essential oils that are for your skin type.

4 – Your skin flushes quickly

If you experience flushes every now and then whether as a response to heat or due to another reason, this is a classic sign that you have sensitive skin. Your skin may also flush as a reaction to certain ingredients that it finds harsh. If you’ve been noticing red patches that visit often know that you probably have sensitive skin.

5 – Itchiness plagues your skin

Another sign of sensitive skin is that which gets itchy easily. For instance, someone who has sensitive skin is likely to experience itchy hands after washing them with cold water and a rather harsh cleanser. If you have ever faced this problem, one solution would be to get a hypoallergenic, quality handwash that is gentle on your skin.

6 – Bad weather equates to bad skin

Skin that has an immediate reaction to the weather outdoors is also sensitive. Example, someone with such skin may experience skin irritation just because the wind is too cold or when it is blazing hot. This happens due to inflammation which swells your blood vessels. One way to combat this issue is by using soothing products.

7 – Sun is the bad guy

Folks who have sensitive skin don’t do well when they go out in the sun without covering their skin up. The result that they get after spending just a few minutes under the sun without sunblock or a hat is red skin that peels off easily. The exposed area beneath the peeling skin burns and aches awfully. What to do about this? Never forget wearing an SPF 40 sunscreen.

8 – Breakouts are a regular issue

Someone with sensitive skin is also likely to break out easily. Basically, when the skin becomes supremely dry, it produces oil in excess. This it does to compensate for the lack of moisture. However, the excess production of oil does more harm as it leads to acne. In this regard, keep your skin properly moisturized.

With this, we’re wrapping up our list of signs you have sensitive skin. Have you noticed any such symptoms? If you have, know that there are several lotions and creams that are specially designed for those who have the sensitive skin type. In fact, these days you can find all skincare and even haircare products that are made particularly for those who have skin that needs more care.