It can be very tough to decide whether or not your boyfriend is serious about you. While simply a man who wants you in his life for real is going to say it, sometimes the male gender doesn’t speak out about such things that soon. This can be because he fears that you would be overwhelmed, in a negative way, by his feelings or because he’s just waiting for the right time.

So how can you know without him saying it that he is serious about you and wants a forever with you? To help you understand exactly this, here is a list of 8 solid signs he is serious about you:

1 – His friends and family know about you

One major sign he is serious about you is that his family and friends would be knowing about you. When a man really wants to commit, he talks about you all the time in front of other people as well. This is his way of including you in his future.

So, keep your ears and eyes open when around his loved ones. If his sisters or brother behave differently toward you or give away that he has a thing for you, then he sure is serious. If his friends know about you, tease him cutely when you’re around, you know you’re important enough to be discussed.

2 – He makes you his priority

Whether you call him at 2 am or pm, this man will always have time for you. He will make you a priority, not some secondary item on his list that he needs to check off. Especially when you are in need, he will be around you.

This is because he truly cares about you and he wants you to know that. In fact, even your family will be a priority to him. Men only give time to the families and friends of their girlfriends when they want to tell everyone that they are in the relationship for real.

3 – He cares about your opinions

Like love, respect is also a foundational block of relationships. A man who respects your opinion is one who is serious about you. This can be your opinion on which shirt he should wear, or it can be your opinion on some philosophical views of his.

This is also his way of getting to know you. He wants to know what sort of a person you are by assessing your views. He wants to know if or not you are someone whom he matches with mentally. This is because he is thinking about your future together.

4 – He listens to you and remembers

Another give away that he has serious feelings for you, is that he will listen to you and try to remember everything that you tell him about yourself. We all, men and women, tend remember the details of the people we have feelings for.

It can him remembering what your nails look like or what you said in a previous conversation. When you talk about your problems, a man who is serious about you will listen carefully because his intent is to solve your problems and to make you feel better.

5 – He is thoughtful about you

When a man has you on his mind 24/7, he is clearly serious. This means thought about you would circulate in his mind all the time. As a result, he will be thoughtful about your likes and dislikes. If he crosses your favorite store he’s going to buy something for you.

Why? Because he knows it will make you happy. He may make a great meal for you that he is sure you would enjoy. You see, when he is serious he wants to put in an effort to make things work out with you. Therefore, he tries to win you over constantly.

6 – He is going to make future plans

Yet another sign that a man is serious about you is that he’s going to make future plans with you. When we talk about future plans we’re not just saying that he’s going to be planning ahead in advance how you and him are going to spend next week and the week after.

In fact, he’s going to plan months, even years, in advance. For instance, he may make a plan with you for the festival next year or the concert coming up in a few months. Because he is serious, this man just wants to let you know that he’s going to be around for a very long time.

7 – He texts you for the right reasons

A man who is in serious love with you, he’s going to message you for all the right reasons. He wouldn’t just text you to discuss his feelings. He’d do so because he’d want to know about yours, in fact he would simply text for checking in with you.

Example, he may send you a message after you have spent your night crying. Or he may send you messages such as ‘take care,’ ‘hoping to see you again soon,’ or ‘good morning’ just when you wake up because he is simply thinking about you.

8 – He’s with you through thick and thin

Whether it’s a man or a woman, when someone is serious about you this person makes time for you even when you’re not at your best. A man who is serious about you will not run away as your days get bad. He will wait for them to get better and in the meanwhile he’ll take care of you.

He wouldn’t be someone who’s just around you seasonally or for fun. Instead he’d be with you all the time regardless of whether this time is favorable or not. This is because he cares about you genuinely and isn’t just in for sleeping with you.