Being physically attracted to someone is so much more than just liking what they look like.

There’s a whole science that explains why we’re sexually attracted to people. Basically, when you see someone who you subconsciously think can make great babies with you, that’s when you want to copulate with them. This is why men tend to seek women with wider hips and a bigger bosom – traits that hint the woman can healthily bear babies. Makes sense, no?

But of course, we’re not animals so no man is going to come to you and say that he wants to mate with you. So, how do you know when a man is interested in you sexually? There are signs that you can take note of.

Wondering what these are? Here are 8 signs a man is sexually attracted to you:

1 – He grooms himself

As an instinct, people tend to try to look their best selves when around those they are sexually attracted to. Men work the same way. If a man is interested in you physically, you’ll find him looking neater, more put together, and even smelling better.

After all, is it not the cologne that arouses us girls in the first place? Men also tend to groom themselves so that the woman they are trying to attract does the same. This they do so that they get to check out their lady love when she’s looking her best. No one ever said that men are not visual creatures, eh?

2 – You catch him checking you out

Talking about men being visual creatures, a man who wants you in bed is going to check you out. This means that you will find him not just looking at your face, which he’ll do, you may also notice him looking at other parts.

You may find his eyes lowering to your bust or your stomach. Of course, it’s a jerky move if he does that too often and even when you are noticing. However, even the gentlest of gentlemen tend to subconsciously check out your body thinking that you wouldn’t take note. To confirm he really is looking you over, turn around when he’s walking behind you.

3 – He gets slightly nervous around you

Is the usual mister cool sweating, subtly giggling or behaving awkwardly when around you? If you find that happening, you have a clear-cut answer – yes, he wants to do a particular dance with you. We women do the same, don’t we?

Women also tend to get slightly nervous around the men they are attracted to. This also occasionally involves feeling completely at a loss of words. However, not everyone is like that. Some people don’t lose their confidence that easily when they are into someone. But at one occasion or another, you will find someone attracted to you getting nervous.

4 – He flirts with you

Men are open about their interest mostly. A man who is confident will not hesitate in flirting with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he will take the vulgar route and throw some nauseating sexual puns and inuendoes your way.

He can poke some lovey-dovey flirting your way. Perhaps even use his eyes to do the talking. Some men also tend to childishly tease the women they are attracted to. This may seem annoying to you but its just his way of hinting his interest. Men also tease to see if the girl replies back with a tease, if she’s up for the challenge.

5 – His face is a giveaway

The most obvious sign that you are attractive to a man is that his expression changes when he looks at you. This means his face would light up when you are around. Some ways to figure out that he likes the sight of you are noticing his eyes and lips.

Men tend to open their eyes wider when looking at a woman they find beautiful, akin to how you look at that outfit that catches your attention during window shopping. They open their eyes in attempt to look at you better which makes no sense but is a subconscious move. Moreover, their lips also subconsciously part a bit when they look at you.

6 – He tries to catch your attention

A man who wants you like that will try everything to catch your attention. This includes changing his posture to stand taller, with his chest out and even talking louder so that you may listen to him. He may talk about his achievements in an attempt to show off.

If he’s wealthy he may show off his money, if he’s good looking he’ll try to flaunt his best features, and the like. The goal is to impress you. You may roll your eyes at his attempts at times, but this is a good and strong sign that he is attracted to you. To catch your attention, the man may even try to joke more so as to get a laugh or two out of you.

7 – You notice him adjusting himself

A clear sign that a man is attracted to you in that way is that you’ll notice him hiding the dead giveaway of his attraction. This means you will notice him covering his crotch or putting his hands in his pants’ pockets to make more space in his pants.

Of course, he is attracted to you which is why his body is reacting, no? When his body is not reacting, he may also sit with his legs wide open in front of you to show his package off. He wants you to think of him like that because he has a lot going on in that brain of his.

8 – Your gut tells you that he’s into you

We ladies have a strong sixth sense. We’re not typically wrong about when someone’s behavior is off or you know, too on. So, if your gut screams that a guy is trying to attract you because he’s physically interested in you, know that you’re probably right.

Based on what your interest toward him is, you can give him a reaction. If you want him too, give him subtle signs and he’s likely going to take the next move himself. If you don’t, then again give him signs that you don’t want him like that. However, try not to be direct as there’s a chance that he may not be interested in you at all.