Ever wondered how some girls look like fresh flowers the moment they leave bed? Their hair looks perfectly bouncy, their eyes have that sparkle, and their skin just glows. While the rest of us keep struggling with oil-dripping skin, tangled hair, and those unsightly red marks caused by sleeping too long on one side of your face. Annoying.

Perhaps the answer to how some girls just look divine right out of bed, lies in the use of silk pillowcases. You must have heard about these beauty-preserving pillowcases from your grandma or mother. If not from them, then the buzzword must have made its way to your ears from your favorite Instagram influencer.

Silk pillowcases are getting very popular again, but is it even true that they come with beauty benefits or are these just myths and false tales? Turns out all that good things that you’ve heard about silk pillow covers are true, not just claims by advertising influencers. To help you understand how a silk pillowcase can make you wake up looking your best, we’ve collected some of the best benefits that you can get from silk-made pillow cover. Read on, to know.

1 – Wave goodbye to wrinkles

By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you give your skin the gentleness that it needs to look its best. Bloggers agree that they experienced better, less-wrinkly skin by sleeping on a silk pillow cover. Basically, cotton pillowcases cause friction which leads to the formation of wrinkles. Silk pillowcases don’t pose this con.

2 – Make your acne less severe

Regardless of the cause behind your acne, bad pillowcases can make it worse. Take for instance, friction-causing regular cotton pillow covers. These can trigger micro-irritation which, in turn, can exacerbate acne. Silk pillows aren’t only good on your skin because they are softer and gentler but also because they have a cooling effect which doesn’t irritate your skin.

3 – Keep hydration locked in

Cotton is comparatively more moisture-draining than silk which is why pillow covers made using silk are so much better. By sleeping on a silk covered pillow, when you touch your skin in the morning you’ll be able to find it a lot softer and smoother. A more hydrated skin equals to less wrinkles and fine lines as well. So, if you suffer from dry skin, this trick might prove to be quite helpful for you.

4 – Say no to sleep creases

You know those red lines that find their place on your face because of the creases in your bedding? Those are vexing. Also, getting rid of them can be quite a chore. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is one way to notice their disappearance. This is because the royal fabric doesn’t really get those awful creases. Moreover, when your skin doesn’t catch creases, wrinkles are also not worsened.

5 – Lessen those dark circles

Another benefit that you can gain by switching to a silk pillowcase? Less severe dark circles. The black surrounding your eyes can drain the entire freshness from your face. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase gives you a deeper, more restful sleep which reduces the intensity of the dark circles you have. This, in turn, saves you from the expenses of undereye concealer too!

6 – No more frizz or tangles

Silk pillowcases are also great because less friction means no static. Cotton pillowcases cause static which makes your hair look duller and frizzy. On the flip side, using a silk pillow cover in their stead will save you from the formation of frizz and give you better looking hair. Silk will also reduce knots and tangles as the surface will be smoother too.

7 – Less hair breakage

Another way your locks will benefit by the use of a silk pillowcase. When you wake up after a good sleep on your silk pillowcase, you’ll notice less broken or fallen hair on it. All thanks to silk’s smoother surface. Silk also keeps moisture locked in which means less brittleness and consequent breakage. If you’ve dry hair, it’s definitely time for you to leave your cotton pillowcase for a silk one.

8 – Go for hypoallergenic

Silk pillows are also hypoallergenic, a quality that adds to their favorable features. By going for hypoallergenic, you can protect your overall health whether or not you have any allergies. This is because hypoallergenic means less risk of dust mites and other annoying issues that normally come with bedding.

Wrap up thoughts

Though slightly more on the costly side, silk pillowcases are so worth the money. A study also shows that people who slept on silk pillowcases had less acne than those who didn’t. From bloggers to science, clearly everyone is siding up with these gentler pillows. So, if you’re worried about wrinkles, acne or bad hair, better make a quick switch to silk pillowcases.