It’s unbelievable that we’re in 2019 and so many of use still believe in some of the most unbelievable, senseless and illogical myths surrounding periods ever. If science hadn’t worked to prove silly myths wrong, the society might have succeeded at locking women away during their period calling it a way to help them ‘rest.’ Don’t tell us, you’ve never heard an awful myth about periods. In fact, you might even be unknowingly believing in some of the myths.

To clear matters out, we’ve collected a list of 8 myths about periods that have gained a lot of popularity over time.

1 – You cannot take a bath

You must have heard your grandma or a friend’s granny say that girls shouldn’t take a bath when they are menstruating. Myth says that taking a shower during the first three days of your period can cause problems in conceiving. However, there is no truth to this made-up story. It’s just an old tale that originates from India.

In truth, you can, and you should take a bath when you are on your period. There’s no point missing out on staying clean. For some women, warm baths during these bloody days can be rather relaxing. Moreover, hot water baths can also reduce cramps.

2 – Premenstrual syndrome doesn’t exist

Another concocted story about the monthly cycle of women is that PMS doesn’t happen. It’s all in the mind, they say. We’re pretty sure these views come from the same people who have a hard time understanding that depression exists. Everyone must be aware that PMS is very real, and it has both physical and mental symptoms.

Some symptoms of PMS include moodiness, irritability, fatigue, headaches, and cramps. There’s science out there to back PMS so there’s no point arguing that it doesn’t mean a thing.

3 – There’s lots of blood loss

Some people also believe that blood loss is seriously loads during periods. However, that’s also fiction. The average woman loses 2 to 3 tablespoons of blood when on her period. So, you see, you don’t lose a whole bag of blood when you are on your period. Even heavy bleeders lose only 4 table spoons of blood.

Therefore, there’s not much to worry about. Unless, of course, you’re losing so much blood that it is making you anemic. In that case, know that is unhealthy and you need to check with your doctor.

4 – You cannot exercise

It’s high time we leave this myth behind. It dates back to the time when people believed that women on their period were ill. Many people still believe that when on their period, ladies should just stay inside the house and rest. They shouldn’t engage in exercise or any strenuous activities at all. While you must rest, you’re not sick so you shouldn’t miss exercise either.

In fact, regular medium-intensity exercise can also help ease your cramps. However, if you are having a very hard time exercising because of cramps, you can always take a cheat day or two.

5 – Girls on their periods can kill plants

Okay, this one is hilarious as well as outrageous. As per a South Asian myth, when girls on their period go near a plant or touch a plant, that plant dies soon. Does this have any basis in science? Nada. It’s just stems from the belief that girls are impure when on their period. Who knew periods could be weapons of plant destruction?

Please know that plants do not discriminate like that. If a plant dies after a girl on her period crosses it, it has nothing to do with that girl. Period. (Hah!)

6 – Your period should last a week

People who know nothing about reproductive health are often the first ones to point fingers and say that your female parts have some issue if you don’t bleed for seven days full or you don’t have regular periods. Please know that for some women periods last for seven days while for others they last for three days max.

Also, you can sometimes miss your period too and often that is not a cause of concern unless it happens for more than three months. Moreover, after your first period it may take up to a year for your period to get regular.

7 – Warm water can increase blood flow

On one hand, myths suggest that taking a bath during your period can be problematic. On the other, they say that warm water can increase the flow of your period. The first one we have already debunked, know that the latter one is also pure fiction. Warm water cannot impact the flow of your period either positively or negatively.

You can’t make your period heavier or lighter. However, warm water can help in one way and that is that it can help with the cramps.

8 – You cannot get pregnant during your period

False! You can get pregnant when on your period. You see, the reproductive system and your cycle are not as simple as they seem. First off all, a sperm can live inside your body for 3 to 5 days. Ovulation can occur during or after you bleed. The time between menstruation and ovulation is not all that long and the close to the end of your period you are, the higher the chances of you getting pregnant.

If your cycle is longer you’re chances of getting pregnant are lower than those who have a short cycle. Therefore, know that you must do the deed whilst taking all precautions.

Key takeaway

So, there are several myths that have been passed from grandmas and mamas down to their daughters. These myths were formed several years back and gained popularity because society thought of periods as a gross, impure illness that was also so important that nothing that could even remotely disturb it was permitted. Twisted, right?

To sum up, you can take a bath, exercise and get pregnant during your periods. Also, know that the blood loss is not so much so as to be threatening and that PMS symptoms are normal, and they do happen. Finally, FYI plants don’t die because of your period.