When it comes to Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney, and Kendall you can expect trend-setting style from them. The reality TV show stars have a bold and glamorous way of dressing that they show off when headed to grand events, parties or even when they’re just posing for their Instagram photos.

They’re known for flaunting near-naked looks and putting their assets on display. Every year each sister has several scandalous looks to her name. The same applies to this year. We’re in the tenth month of 2019 and have seen them rock many steamy outfits that haven’t missed out on making it to news headlines as well as Twitter gossips.

Wondering which super-revealing looks they’ve worn this year? Let’s start with a list:

1 – Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look

Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala dress this year was artful and made it seem as though she’d just come out of the sea. The Thierry Mugler ensemble was sparkly in skin color. The dress hugged Kim’s notorious body so tightly she could literally not breathe.

Beneath it she wore a corset which was painfully cinched at the waist. It had a low neck plus an almost transparent vibe about it. Kim let her hair look wet and wavy, confident despite how challenging it must have been to sport this overall look. Fans and critics loved the dress, but her husband Kanye West? Not so much.

2 – Kylie Jenner for Playboy magazine

Kylie Jenner recently graced the cover of Playboy magazine, completely nude. Though there’s not much that the photos give away that the audience has not already seen, yet it was the sultriest photoshoot the 22-year-old has done so far.

Apart from a close-up of Kylie’s assets on the cover, some more pictures include her hiding her naked body with a sheer blue fabric and another of her hugging Travis Scott with her nude posterior the focus of the photo. Travis Scott was the creative director of this photoshoot that Kylie did to explain motherhood and sexuality can “co-exist.”

3 – Kourtney Kardashian for Poosh

Kourtney Kardashian is not behind her sisters when it comes to flaunting explosive exposing looks. The 40-year-old has a body to envy, and she knows it! While she’s been wearing a lot of bikini’s lately, one of the most scandalous looks was the one which is posted on Instagram while announcing Poosh’s live status.

In the picture she shared to her personal account, the reality TV show star can be seen posing in a thong without any top at all. The picture gained a lot of attention from criticizing fans who thought Kourt is too old for nudity for selling her new business. While she’s hiding her assets with her arm and an iPad, the look still managed to receive surprised comments.

4 – Khloe Kardashian at Malika Haqq’s birthday

Khloe Kardashian was seen looking wow level hot at Malika Haqq’s birthday this year in Los Angeles. True’s mother wore a skintight bodysuit. The fishnet material had bigger holes than commonly seen and flashed a good amount of flesh.

It was designed by Laquan Smith. The sparkly figure-hugging suit was worn by Khloe only some days after her breakup with Tristan Thompson which left people wondering if she was showing him what he was missing. Khloe completed the look by pairing it with pencil heels and a belt bag at her waist.

5 – Kendall Jenner at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party

Another member of the family who looked ravishing in a revealing outfit was Kendall Jenner. The Victoria’s Secret model waltzed her way to the Vanity Fair Oscars party this year wearing a Rami Kadi halter gown. The attire had a plunging neckline but there’s not where the drama ended.

To show more of her body, Jenner’s ensemble had hip-high slits that showed her long legs. The older Jenner sister is also no stranger to nude looks. In fact, she’s a supporter of the ‘free the nip’ movement for which she’s multiple times rocked braless looks.

6 – Kim Kardashian at the Hollywood Beauty Awards

Kim K shocked everyone when her bold look was too much to handle at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. This was another Mugler outfit, this time vintage. It was black in color and just had straps tightly holding her chest, hiding just some of it while the rest of was completely exposed.

Kim’s attire received a ton of backlash as people worried how she could wear something so exposing. But it shouldn’t have been a surprise because we’re talking about Kim K here, aren’t we? The diva had her hair tied in a high ponytail and Chris Appleton accompanied her to the show.

7 – Kylie Jenner at Justin and Hailey Bieber’s wedding

Kylie Jenner rocked a gold tin foil type dress to Hailey and Justin Bieber’s wedding bash. She looked absolutely stunning with diamond jewelry and a butterfly shaped purse. What made the daring dress stand out was the fact that it was pretty revealing.

Not only was it cut out at the chest and gave a glimpse of her stomach along with her assets, it also had a mini front that showed off both her legs. While fans clapped at how gorgeous she looked many thought that she was attempting to upstage the bride. This, as expected, didn’t go well with Twitterers.

8 – Kourtney Kardashian at Larsa Pippen’s birthday

The sisters stepped out to attend Larsa Pippen’s big birthday party this year looking chic as always. Kourtney Kardashian caught quite a lot of eyeballs as she wore a sheer night dress that was super short. Apart from her legs, her underwear was also visible.

What made the look even bolder was that Kourt went braless for it. This means she literally exhibited a lot of body. Fans were confused if Kourtney was wearing an actual dress or just some lingerie!