There are celebrities that have fans but also haters. Then there are those who have more haters than lovers. A few though manage to be loved by a huge majority because their nature and intentions shine through the glamor of the industry. Wondering if your favorite celeb is part of this crowd? Let’s see. Here’s a list of 8 celebrities who are loved by everyone:

1 – Hugh Jackman


From his humble eyes to his wholesome smile, Hugh Jackman is one actor that people love to love. Apart from having a charitable nature, the actor is someone who harbors no arrogance as can be seen in his interviews. Then comes his talent which people hugely appreciate.

Jackman has played Wolverine for 17 years which has garnered him a massive fanbase. Yet another reason the 50-year-old is adored is because he always gives his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, due credit for his success. He’s not the sort of actor who is surrounded by spicy scandals, his loyalty to his family evident.

2 – Jake Gyllenhaal


This guy has got looks that can kill. Gyllenhaal seems to not have any haters at all. Watch his interviews and you’ll be able to notice how confident, fun, and simply invested he seems in everything he does. People love how genuine he is.

The 38-year-old is also a fan-favorite because he seems to get along with all his co-workers, even Tom Holland who is more than a decade his junior. He is an absolute delight to watch in movies because of how he adapts to his roles. Gyllenhaal doesn’t only completely wear the characters he plays, but also alters his body to portray them. Just watch Nightcrawler, and Southpaw for proof.

3 – Chris Evans


Another male actor who is loved by all and sundry is Chris Evans. Evans rose to fame when he took up the shield of Captain America. But apart from the famous superhero costume, the actor is also loved because of his sunshine personality. He is proof that chivalry is not dead.

Chris Evans is known for being thoughtful and kind. He’s also a lover of pooches and someone who obviously gets along with all the people he works with. Evans has contagious laughter, is fun, and again, he is too good looking to ignore. But pride? There’s no such trait that this guy even knows of. People also love him because he doesn’t seem to be hungry for publicity. In short, he’s the nicest!

4 – Selena Gomez

selena gomez


There are just so many reasons to admire Selena Gomez. She’s talented, she’s beautiful, and she’s absolutely kind. She’s also super nice to her fans. What we love about her the most though, is how genuine she is. This pure human being knows social media can be a hurtful place.

She’s not a snob who counts her followers on social media despite once being the most-followed person on IG. She didn’t even care when her position got demoted! Let’s not forget that the Wolves songster is a real fighter who has battled multiple illnesses but continues to be strong. She’s also got normal non-celeb friends and cares more about being healthy than having the perfect body.

5 – Rihanna

best rihanna looks


RiRi is all things lovely. She started her career with music and soon slithered her way into the hearts of a very wide audience. Rihanna is an ace businesswoman who never forgets any of her customers. Her products come for all skin tones and all body shapes.

She’s paved her way to success despite not having the best childhood and she’s not let her wins get to her head. The Unfaithful singer is an independent female who doesn’t care about the negativity surrounding her. She’s tough, you should see her shade people who come at her with guns. All that badass behavior doesn’t mean that Rihanna doesn’t have a vulnerable side though.

6 – Keanu Reeves


Keanu had a shaky start in Hollywood, however he worked hard to establish a firm place as a much-loved actor. The John Wick star has suffered a series of tragedies which have brought out his compassionate side. This is also why people sympathize with him.

His misfortunes and how he has rose above them are proof that he is indeed one strong man. Moreover, Keanu is also known for being generous. Then there’s his quality of being modest. Fans have noticed a pattern in his behavior toward women and concluded that he very respectful to them. So much so that he never physically touches females, fans or co-workers.

7 – Adele


Adele is an inspiration to so many. She has anxiety attacks and yet she tours and gives fantastic live concerts. She’s not looking to be skinny or the prettiest girl around and yet she is. She’s not someone who depends on makeup. Her style and personality are effortless, and authentic at once.

When she feels like it, the Hello singer also takes breaks from her musical career. You don’t hear her name in connection to scandals ever. And we can’t ignore her angelic voice that delivers relatable lyrics. Clearly, Adele is a role model for all the good reasons. Oh, and she is totally hilarious with zero percent pride though she’s a huge hit.

8 – Gina Rodriguez


The Jane The Virgin actress is the last one on our list of the celebs everyone loves. This star is not afraid to speak out about what and whom she believes in. She supports her man on Twitter and is a big support for women. She even owns a female-centered production company.

What’s more she’s pretty and talented. However, this is not all that we love about Gina. We also are absolutely smitten by her style. Whatever event it is, whether it is a premiere or an awards ceremony, Gina always looks perfect. She’s also a big supporter of diversity in the industry.