When it comes to celebrities, for some reason we all think them to be perfect. But in reality, they like us have some unpleasant traits too. You’d believe that with so much $$, Hollywood celebs would have the best toiletries and that money would have brought with it manners. But as fact goes, cash cannot buy your everything.

What we mean to say is that despite stardom, some celebs are rude to their fans while others have other undesirable traits. One pretty common quality that can be noted in several celebs is uncleanliness. Shocking, right? But it’s true that many stars are not fond of hygiene. Wondering which celebrities have poor hygiene habits? Here’s a list of 8:

1 – Megan Fox

Megan Fox might be high on the crush list of most guys, but this woman is also high on another list – that which discusses unclean celebrities! The actress has admitted herself that she forgets to flush the toilet after using it. Not only does she not flush after peeing, but she oft forgets to flush after taking a dump too.

And that’s not all, the 28-year-old is also overall messy. Disclosing her own unclean habits, Fox once said, “I’m horrible to live with. I don’t clean. My clothes end up wherever I take them off. I forget to flush the toilet.”

2 – Robert Pattinson

Another surprising name on this list is Robert Pattinson. The actor has admitted himself that doesn’t wash his hair and that he doesn’t even clean his apartment. Not cool, Rob. Fellows excited to catch him as Batman should know that his New Moon co-stars complained about his stench. Rumor says he once didn’t wash his hair for six weeks and didn’t even deny when questioned about it.

When talking about his hygiene, the Twilight star told the interviewer, “It’s like, I don’t clean my apartment because I don’t care. I have my apartment for sleeping in, and I have my hair for just, you know, hanging out on my head. I don’t care if it’s clean or not.”

3 – Johnny Depp

There are so many reports on Johnny Depp’s poor hygiene that we’ve all jumbled. The Pirates of the Caribbean star was widely appreciated for the dirty yet funny appearance and habits of his character. Turns out he shares some traits with him too! Several sources have reported that Depp doesn’t shower all that often.

They also say that he stinks, which is obvious since he’s not big on bathing. Moreover, Angeline Jolie once asked him to wash his mouth because his smell was difficult to tolerate. In fact, she even preferred for him to chew mints when around.

4 – Kourtney Kardashian

An entire episode of one of her reality TV shows covered how Kourtney Kardashian had really bad body odor because she wasn’t using deodorant. The 40-year-old had then stopped wearing deodorant because she was nursing and didn’t want any chemicals on her baby. But the situation got out of hand because her body odor wasn’t that pleasant.

In fact, she smelled so terrible that her then partner Scott Disick and sister Khloe Kardashian had to tell her that she smelled awful. Kourt’s reaction made it clear that she was not mortified, nor did she care. Hopefully, after she was done nursing she started using some sort of perfume.

5 – Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth’s former girlfriend also has been accused of being someone who smells terrible. The Wrecking Ball singer is said to have awful oral hygiene. She’s worn another person’s retainer and experts say that her tongue is unclean. People have time and again said that this celebrity seems to be unhygienic.

One source said of Miley’s cleaning habits, “There’s dog poop and pee everywhere, old food, pizza boxes, take-out containers, fast food wrappers and dirty dishes piled up. The combination of all that mixed with the constant weed-smoking and the bong-water spills makes the place smell horrible.”

6 – Ke$ha

Unsurprisingly, Ke$ha also has some pretty dirty habits. The songstress herself once said that she smelled really bad – like shrimp on a diaper or a hobo. No one knows why someone would reveal such a bad feature of themselves, but oh, well. There’s also the fact that Ke$ha once drank her own pee, which is supremely nasty!

What happened is that on her reality TV show, ke$ha was willing to try urine for weight loss. So, she peed in a bottle and took a sip. Thankfully she didn’t become a fan and didn’t continue. When prodded, the Die Young singer mentioned that she didn’t regret her decision to drink her pee because it was her own.

7 – Cameron Diaz

She’s a versatile actress but not a human with a desirable fragrance. In fact, Cameron Diaz doesn’t wear any deodorant. She’s not sprayed any on in the last two decades! Why? The 47-year-old says that it’s the chemicals in deodorants that repel her. Some argue that she could always use some natural way to smell fresher, but she doesn’t.

Other than that, they say that Diaz is not a fan of changing her clothes all that much. In fact, she can wear the same outfit for days on end. Paparazzi following the actress have noticed her wearing the same attire for four days straight!

8 – Julia Roberts

Julia might be one of the evergreen actresses of Hollywood, but she doesn’t care much about her personal hygiene. The actress is said to stink because she doesn’t shower all that much. In fact, she avoids bathing for saving water and when she does take a bath, she doesn’t use soap all that much to save it too!

According to Julia herself, she doesn’t wash her hair too often because it is already pretty dry. Regardless, she should make hygiene a priority. To make it worse, she also doesn’t use deodorants. With several sources confirming that she is not that clean, this information is solid.