Don’t believe what someone says, watch how they act. The same rule applies when you want to find out if someone likes you or doesn’t. While some guys make it known that they have a crush on you, others are subtler. There can be several reasons for this. For instance:

  • He might be hiding his feelings because he is scared
  • He may be worried that you won’t reciprocate his interest in you
  • Or because he thinks or knows that you like someone else

Either way, if you really want to know whether or not a dude has a thing for you, you should check out his body language. Wondering what signs you should be looking for? Here are 8 body language signs a man is seriously into you:

1 – His pupils are dilated

If you want to know whether or not a guy likes you, notice his pupils. If they seem bigger when he makes direct eye contact with you, it is because he likes what he sees.

Pupil dilation is a sign that you like what you’re looking at which means if you really like that dress over at Forever 21, your pupils will actually get bigger. If you like him too, consider looking him straight in the eyes. If he holds the stare or gets nervous, this is a huge sign he has a thing for you.

2 – He widens his stance

Men like to appear strong to women they like. If a guy has a crush on you, he’s likely to occupy more space so as to appear manlier, like he is someone who can protect you. So, he may breathe in deep and stand taller with his chest out.

Don’t think he’s stupid for doing this because he really cannot help it; this move from men is completely subconscious so he’s not really intentionally doing it. You may also notice that his body is slightly rigid when he is around you which can be because he’s slightly nervous.

3 – His feet are always in your direction

A man who likes you will want to be with you which is why subconsciously his feet will always be in your direction. So, while he is standing across the room from you, his feet will be pointed in your direction.

What’s more, when he does stand in front of you, he will have his arms open. This is his body telling you that he’s ready to get connected on a deeper level. On the other hand, a man with closed arms is indicating that he wants the conversation to come to an end and is not interested.

4 – His eyebrows rise

Another giveaway is that his eyebrows rise. A man who is interested in you, his eyes will tell that to you. Firstly, notice his pupils. Secondly, take note of his eyebrows.

If they jump up in curiosity gently, this is a big sign that he wants to get to know you more. You may notice that his pupils dilate and his eyebrows rise at once when he looks at you.

5 – He sits with his legs open

Most men, when they’re attracted to you or want to get emotionally intimate with you, will sit with their legs open in front of you. The right man wouldn’t do this in a creepy manner. Basically, when he sits with his legs open, he’s being vulnerable to you.

You see, the male genitals have a bundle of nerves and when aroused, blood flows south. This means he literally needs more space between his legs which is why he opens them up. Him opening his legs like that is also a way of giving you access to his vulnerabilities. A shy man may do the opposite and cross his legs.

6 – He smiles and grins often

As we grow older, we tend to smile way less. However, when we like someone we naturally tend to feel happier in their presence. This means we tend to grin or smile more. If a man is interested in you, he will give a full teeth-on-display smile.

He may lower his head and try to hide his smile if he is a shy guy and fears your judgement. Or he may be ready to show his interest which means he will openly look at you with a grin on his face and amusement in his eyes. You’ll also notice that his smile is more genuine.

7 – He will try to touch you

Again, he wouldn’t do this in a creepy way. He will just try to find any reason to touch you, in a manner that is socially acceptable of course, because he has a thing for you. He’ll do so because he simply likes what he sees.

So, you may find him brushing his fingers against yours or tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. In some cases, men don’t even realize what they’re doing and end up gently touching the women they are into.

8 – He will look away

You may catch a man looking at you and then him looking away when he realizes that he’s given away his interest. He may also try to religiously avoid any and all eye contact. The reason behind this is simple – he is scared that you will find out he has feelings for you.

This is typically a shy guy move. Or the move of a guy who worries that you are not interested in him and would rather keep his liking for you a secret.

So, these were the top signs a guy likes you. Since these are all body language signs, he can’t possibly be faking his interest and the answer that you’d get is likely to be right!