One of many neurotransmitters is dopamine. It is a brain chemical that influencers one’s physical as well as mental health. Dopamine plays a role in cognitive functions relating to one’s mood, memory, and attention. It also impacts body movements. When produced in large amounts, this chemical can make one feel happy and motivated. However, low levels of dopamine are linked to pessimism, fatigue, and apathy.

Good thing there are several ways you can naturally improve your dopamine markers. Let’s check out some of these here:

1 – Get A Message

One way to up your dopamine levels naturally is by getting a massage. This is because a massage can relieve you of stress. It’s long established that by keeping stress at bay, you can keep dopamine levels high. Getting a massage also improves your mood and calms you by releasing serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins along with dopamine. Massages also come with scores of other benefits for the brain and the body.

2 – Sleep Well

Lack of sleep is associated with several demerits for health. One of these happens to be a decrease in dopamine levels. A study shows that dopamine receptors plummet in the morning following a night of keeping oneself forcefully awake. Getting a restful sleep can up the markers of dopamine and protect you from feeling distracted. Hence, sleep the recommended number of hours and maintain proper sleep hygiene.

3 – Exercise Regularly

Another way you can naturally raise the markers of dopamine in your body is by working out on a regular basis. Even a short exercise can uplift your mood. Studies show that exercise can increase the brain’s dopamine levels. Yoga has shown to be of help in this regard. More research is needed to confirm the type and duration of workouts required to give a boost to dopamine markers.

4 – Listen to Music

Listening to music can also benefit dopamine levels in the brain. Listening to music brightens up the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. Study shows that instrumental music can increase dopamine levels by 9%. However, more research is required to reveal whether or not lyrics of a particular type have an impact on dopamine markers.

5 – Consider Meditation

Like yoga, mediation can also be of aid in improving your dopamine levels. In this regard, meditate regularly. You can do so while sitting or standing. Meditation ups one’s dopamine levels significantly and enables one to focus better. While research shows the positive effects of practicing mediation on dopamine levels, it is not clear whether these results are experienced also by those who are new to it rather than just those who are experienced meditators.

6 – Go Out in the Sun

Sunlight works wonders in improving your mood. This explains why people experience SAD, seasonal affective disorder, when the sun doesn’t shine that brightly. Sunlight increases neurotransmitters including dopamine that improve one’s mood. However, you should be careful and not stay out in the sun for too long as the UV rays of the sun can damage your skin so much so that they can even cause cancer.

7 – Eat A Dopamine-Boosting Diet

Eat a diet that is rich in proteins. Proteins are made of amino acids some of these can enable the production of dopamine. Consume less saturated fat as those may cause dopamine levels to drop. Moreover, eat more probiotic foods since those promote better gut health and the gut shares a bidirectional link with the brain which enables it to improve your mood.

To sum up, there are several simple and natural ways you can take your dopamine markers up. You can start by eating more probiotic foods and proteins, getting proper sleep, and keeping stress at bay by going for meditation and massages. Also, listen to music, exercise regularly, and get some sun to boost dopamine levels.