Stress can seriously derail your thought process and affect your thinking instantly. It can also take a toll on your mood. However, with the fast pace that our lives have adopted, there is no time left to allow stress to snuggle up and get cozy. This brings us to get rid of stress fast.

Here are some ways that can get rid of stress quickly:

1. Jump rope

Exercise is crucial for fighting stress. For a quick relieve, jump rope for five minutes of less. The physical activity will increase oxygen flow to your brain and release endorphins, which will soothe your brain and mind. It is also important to note that stress strains your muscles. However, jumping rope will help undo that, as it relaxes your tense muscles.

2. Have some chocolate

Chocolate is another excellent way to punch stress away. The sweet can calm your nerves. What’s more, dark chocolate can stabilize your metabolism and regular your stress hormone, cortisol’s levels.

3. Bite a mango

Now this may not be something that you can do in an office but you can certainly try this way for battling stress when you are home. Take a small break and peel and slice the sweet fruit, then enjoy. The juicy fruit boasts a compound named linalool, which can help lower stress levels.

4. Visualize a calm image

For this stress-relieve technique, start by closing your eyes and sitting in a relaxed position. You can also lie down instead of sitting up. Go on to imagine something calm in this relaxed position such as healing light that is lavender colored. This will help you lower your stress instantly.

5. Smell essential oil

Inhaling essential oils is also a useful way to beat stress. It can help calm your mind not only when you are attacked by stress but also in the event of insomnia and anxiety. Some popular essential oils that can help in this regard include rose, orange blossom, sandalwoods, vetiver, frankincense, bergamot, lavender, ylang ylang, and Roman chamomile.

Choose the scent of your preference and apply three drops on a cotton pad. Breathe it deeply for about 10 minutes. Plus, you can also get a diffuser for your desk or room which can consistently release the calming scent.

6. Take a walk

Walking can also help you deal with stress. Like exercise, walking also encourages the release of endorphins that make you feel good. Plus, it also allows you to escape the stressful situation. In certain instances, you can feel relieved just by changing the situation. Walking can help release your tension and relax you as well. This calms you down.

7. Smile

This may not seem useful to you but forcing yourself to smile in cases of stress can help with stress relief. Besides, meditation and yoga can also help in this matter. Here are ten more ways to get rid of stress in five minutes.