Mental health issues are on a rise especially among the current generation. Roughly 40 million adults aged 18 or above in the US suffer from anxiety or depression. There are various reasons behind it.

Anxiety specifically is worrying or fearing more than others. It can be about the smallest things or some really big matters. However, the worrying part in our society is that anxiety is not accepted as a condition and there are many situations when people with anxiety are just told to calm down.

Though it is very important to understand that like any other disease mental illness, anxiety also requires full attention and can’t be pushed to the backburner.

There are a few things which people should know about anxiety to pay closer attention to people around them because a healthy mind can only ensure healthy living.

  1. There is no way of controlling it

Anxiety is something that can’t be controlled. It is not in the power of an individual to just stop worrying as curbing the brain from thinking is not really a feasible option. There is no fixing people who go through anxiety. Getting them professional help can be one of the biggest aids for them. It is important to listen to their concerns and help them.

  1. It’s not restricted to psychological level

Anxiety is not something that impacts an individual’s brain but it shows it’s power on the body of the sufferer as well. There are various symptoms like shaking of the body, nausea, uncontrollable sweating are few of the many physical symptoms that are found among people who are anxious.

  1. Anxious people like to interact but it can be challenging

Another very important thing to understand is that people can have social anxiety. It means that being part of big gatherings gives makes them anxious or triggers their anxiety. Interacting with new people can be challenging, at home people with anxiety might feel fine but meeting new people and conversing might give them the heebie-jeebies.

  1. Deciding on Dos and Dont’s isn’t easy

People with anxiety suffer great problems when it comes to decision making as they over-analyze the options offered to them even if it’s a simple situation. As anxious people are likely to over-think, they become surrounded with worries and fears or their past experiences overshadow their skills of choosing.

  1. Anxiety isn’t a constant state:

People who don’t suffer from anxiety should understand that being anxious is not a constant state of mind. Like many people with anxiety, they get anxious about important aspects. But unlike a lot of people, individuals suffering from anxiety may feel disturbed about little issues. However, it is not permanent and they have their comfort zones.

  1. Anxiety can lead up to several other issues:

One of the problematic issues related to anxiety is that it leads to several other mental health issues. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is one of them. This can be linked with their over-thinking, which makes them obsessive about any issue that puts them through anxiety.

  1. Anxiety doesn’t make us lazy:

People sometimes link anxiety with laziness. For others, what seems laziness is basically the trait of these individuals where they look into details in order to give their best. However, that is not the case because people with anxiety are also perfectionists. They try to give their best to everything. Hence, they look up everything till the end to give it their best shot.

These are few of the many things to keep in mind if you have anyone whose traits resemble with any of the above. Lend them a shoulder and an ear because the basic thing that any anxiety sufferer needs is the support from the people around them.