You know what sucks about being played? You know you’ve wasted time on a person who gave no damns and now you’re heartbroken over someone who wasn’t worth even a glance. Unfortunately, unless you have super correct gut feelings, you’re very clever or you have great luck, you’d have been played at least once in your life.

The thing is, one too many men are players just looking to make some love rather than fall into it. They waste your time, energy, and break your self-esteem by using you for some period of time before discarding you like a tissue.

Considering how commonly women get played, its crucial to be aware of the signs someone is a complete player. To help you spot the red flags, here is a list of 7 signs he’s a player who doesn’t want anything serious with you:

1 – He is dishonest or hides the truth

A player hides things. For this purpose, he may lie outright, and he’ll be good at it, or he will twist the truth. For instance, he’ll be vague about what he does in his leisure time or he would mention a hobby that you’ve noticed he doesn’t even have.

He will keep texting all the time, even in your presence, but he will never let you know whom he is chatting with. In the same manner, he wouldn’t be open about his past relationships which is a major red flag. It can be that you are merely his rebound girl, or he sees more women at once than he can mention.

2 – He doesn’t give a name to your relationship

Deep into your relationship with this guy but don’t know where you stand with him? PLAYER! A man who truly cares for you or is mature enough wouldn’t put you in such an uncomfortable position and keep you internally guessing. While women can always ask about their relationship status, they don’t to appear to be the ‘cool girl.’

Warning – this can leave you hurt. Ask this person what he is to you and you will know your answer. A player would try to avoid the question, change the topic or put on a fake face and say that he loves you but is not ready yet or needs more time for something. Unless you are both mutually having fun, such behavior is unfair to you.

3 – He is disrespectful

A player is into only one thing – playing with your body. And, of course, your feelings in the process. The number one early sign that a man is a player is he’ll try to take you home, to his bed after the first date. Again, this is only not a problem unless you are genuinely willing to just have fun and not looking for something serious. Players also give off other signs of disrespect.

While its normal to surreptitiously check out the other gender but not too often and without bad intentions, a player is someone who openly scans other women’s bodies even in your presence! In fact, its more often that he is obsessed with looking over your body as well vulgarly early on in the relationship rather than showing care or some signs of love.

4 – He doesn’t include you in his life

If you both haven’t yet opened up about your personal lives that’s one thing. But if you are well into dating and he has met all of your friends, whereas you are completely unaware of his life then there’s definitely something player-ish about this man of yours. A man who doesn’t include you in his life simply doesn’t see you in his future.

Whether its just meeting his pals when the relationship starts or meeting his siblings some years down the road, these are indicators that you have some significant place in his life. Avoiding showing you to his friends’ is a sign that he doesn’t want you to meet them because you’re going to be a gone girl soon.

5 – He tosses too many shallow compliments your way

A player’s main goal is to often first get into your head so that he can make his way to your pants. For acing this purpose what he does is that he showers you with compliments. Only that these compliments give away the sort of man he is. He will tell you how gorgeous your body parts are and wouldn’t ever compliment your personality.

If he’s a top player, he may mix in some compliments about how caring or loving you are as well. And if he gets handsy while showering compliments your way, its best you keep him away until you are sure he is not a player or run out if you have figured he is.

6 – His social media shows player signs

A player is unlikely to add you on social media. Whether or not he does, you can always do your research. If you catch his lies on social media, you know he is a player. For instance, he may say he doesn’t have parents, but his social accounts are proof that he does. This means he is trying to hide his real life from you because you don’t really matter to him.

He may also lie about his job or his past girlfriends. Other than this, you’ll also notice weird, disgusting boy activity on social media. Example, a classic player always follows lots of nude models on social media. He’s in for the body after all.

7 – His texting or calling behavior is off

A player would always be on his phone, texting other people with a weird smile on his face. Probably talking to other girls whom he doesn’t want you to know about. But when it comes to you, he doesn’t text you all that often.

In fact, he only misses you when its nighttime and he’s hoping to get something out of you. You may also notice that while he calls other people, he doesn’t call you all that often. And even when he does call other people or receives their calls, he goes to the other side of the room so that you can’t hear or see him.