Detox diets sound fancy and have a lot of people considering them recently because of their slimming effect. But are these detox plans worth it? Not really. Experts are not in favor of detox diets. There are several reasons that explain why they don’t think these are the best route to follow. Here are 7 reasons from our side that explain why you shouldn’t detox:

1 – You may miss out on important nutrients

By following a detox diet, there are high chances that your intake of essential nutrients such as iron and calcium gets compromised. Detox diets are typically green and restrict the intake of proteins by limited your consumption of meat, wheat and dairy. The most common side effect that visits as a result of nutrient depletion is a negative effect on your mood.

2 – You may cut down too many calories

The recommended amount of calories by experts is 2500 for men and 2000 for women. A fluid-supporting detox diet may take your calorie intake to as low as just 600 calories. This may make you skinny but a better idea than detoxing is to simply slash down the quantity of sweets, and snacks that you consume throughout the day.

3 – You don’t need to detox

Your body is good at detoxing on its own thanks to organs such as your liver, skin, kidneys, and lungs. Therefore, you do not need to detoxify by changing your diet. However, you can help out these organs do their job without any obstacles by lowering your alcohol intake. This long-term commitment will be a lot more fruitful than a short detox plan.

4 – You may not be able to exercise

What’s the point of dieting in a such a way that you are unable to exercise? Exercise serves more than just the purpose of fitness. When you go for a detox diet, your body gets fewer nutrients. This means that you may not be able to exercise as much. Eating less, being less nourished, and exercising vigorously don’t go hand in hand and can be troublesome in the near future.

5 – You will put on the weight you lose

Several people choose detox diets for quick weight loss. But unfortunately, detox diets are not very helpful as the weight you do lose climbs back up super-fast because you soon start craving for burgers and pizzas. If you want to lose weight, stop consuming so much junk food, exercise more, stay hydrated, and focus on reducing your appetite in the long run.

6 – You’ll regret for your wallet

You’d think that consuming less food as part of a detox diet will do wonders for your wallet but in truth, the case is the opposite. You’ll regret your decision in no time as the bills of preparing an organic drink will pile up and so will your cravings for richer meals. A better option? Don’t burden your wallet by limiting takeout intake.

7 – You cannot keep up with it

At one point or another, you’ll realize that the detox diet cannot be followed for longer. This is not only when you notice how it negatively effects your health but also when you start wanting to eat normal food – no one can depend on cucumber juices for life. So, in brief, a detox diet is also impractical unless your goal was never to pursue it for much longer.

Wrapping it up, detoxing is impractical, only makes you lose weight for a short while and then makes you put on even more. It is not budget-friendly, and it also makes you sacrifice enough nutrients to impact your food and exercising ability adversely. Therefore, instead of detoxing simply eat healthy.