We’ve all tried it at home – worn our pajamas while exercising until the tearing seams have given us laughs. While no one is going to peep at you oh-so-judgmentally at home, the case at the gym or outdoors in nature is different.

In fact, even at home, you can’t keep putting your casual clothes at risk when working out. You see, your day-to-day apparel hasn’t been designed with the purpose of enabling you to stretch and twist without taking in damage. Nor is it sweat-proof.

This is where athletic wear comes into the picture. Gym clothes have become quite a fashion statement these days since celebrities like Kanye West, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, and more have been rocking athleisure outfits out and about.

However, clothes that are solely designed for the gym are for way more than just serving looks. These are made to allow you to exercise better. To give you deeper insight into this, here are 7 reasons why you need to wear athletic wear to the gym:

1 – They are sweat resistant and temperature-regulating

Gym clothes are made to beat the heat. Unlike any other fabric, they don’t get gross after you wear them for vigorous exercise. At the same time, they are also breathable enough to regulate body temperature and enable you to perform better. Gym clothes make you feel fresh and cool in summers and warm enough in winters owing to their particular fabric type.

Since you are bound to sweat a lot when exercising, know that gym clothes can take the sweat off your skin and evaporate it from the surface of the fabric so that you keep up with your movements without your clothes literally dragging you down by being heavy with moisture.

2 – They ante up your confidence

Gym clothing ups your confidence when exercising. Ever felt that little bounce in your step when wearing your favorite sneakers? Something like that. Research also proves that clothing can have a significant impact on the way we act. Which is why it is recommended to dress to impress at your workplace. Appropriate clothing boosts confidence.

This means when you wear gym clothes while exercising, you perform better naturally. You’re more directed and motivated toward your goals at the gym and you know the right mindset can get more done out of you. So, crush those goals by going for gym wear.

3 – They are designed to improve your performance

Not only do gym clothes enhance your confidence by making you look good, they are also designed in a way so as to improve your performance. Take for instance, your running shoes or swimming one-piece. Running shoes advertise how they provide the correct arch and support to your foot as well as comfort, grip, etc. so as to make you perform better.

The tech installed in their making is done so with your performance in mind. Swimsuits, in the same way, are fitted and skin-exposing so that they don’t cause resistance or dragging when you’re swimming. They also are made with material that can be easily disinfected by chlorine.

4 – They are durable and cost-effective

As discussed above, your regular clothing will tear with all the movement and sweat seeping into the fabric. Athletic wear on the other hand is made with durable material that keeps you performing for several rounds without giving up. That’s because the fabric is stronger yet lighter. Its threads don’t loosen after a few wears.

So, while it may seem like you’re spending a lot of money on athletic wear just by looking at its price tag, know that you’ll actually be saving quite a lot as, if you keep wearing your casual clothing for working out, you’ll have to spend on several many wears.

5 – They offer you freedom of movement

Gym clothes are stretchable, flexible, and they allow for better movement. They offer more comfort as well. Imagine doing your daily exercises with skinny jeans on. It is not only going to be uncomfortable, but it is also going to keep you from performing in the best way as you won’t be able to stretch your legs after a particular limit.

Athletic wear is neither too fitted so as to restrict movement but just tight enough to not come in your way or hamper your movements. It doesn’t hold you back which is why it makes so much sense to go for it when exercising.

6 – They protect you from injuries and the environment

Active wear also protects you from injuring yourself. For instance, climbers may wear athletic gloves to protect their hands from injury. Running shoes provide grip and support. Without these, you can get blisters and cramps on your feet. People with knee problems may require different support from shoes. Sports bras save from back ache and chest pain.

Different exercises require different kinds of active wear. For instance, cyclers need padded shorts. People who do squats need flat shoes. The weather also determines what sort of gym wear you should pick. You may need a pair that offers UV-protection, is windproof or waterproof.

7 – They enable better recovery post-workout

The right gym clothes don’t only enable better performance during working out, but they also allow for better recovery post-workout. They are soft against the skin despite being strong and also offer compression, medium to high, which enables blood circulation and hence, faster recovery for sore muscles after you’re done exercising.

Gym wear keeps you comfortable and relaxed. However, don’t opt for such low-quality cheap active wear that you soon need to invest in another pair again. Some inexpensive, lower-end brands don’t offer as many protective features.

Wrap up thoughts

To sum up, when working out do so wearing the right outfit. Active wear has, after all, been designed for the purpose. It doesn’t only wick away sweat, but it also enables better performance. Moreover, it also protects the joints and muscles post-workout.

Gym wear boosts your confidence as well as gives more room for movement. All these points explain why it is crucial to never replace athletic wear with casual clothing.