Actors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Chris Evans, and Hugh Jackman are so widely loved that they actually stand out of the Hollywood crowd. Similarly, there are also celebrities who are hated by so many that they’ve gained a particular reputation. Although they have been the target of online backlash by fans, they are not all necessarily bad people. That’s because you can’t really judge someone just because the popular vote doesn’t side with them. Wondering which celebs have been on the hate list recently and for a good part of their existence in the industry? Let’s take a look:

1 – Scarlet Johansson


ScarJo is topping the hate list these days thanks to not one, but two reasons. The most recent words of hers that have sparked backlash are those that she has spoken in favor of Woody Allen. Allen is someone who has been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by his very own adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow. Yet the 34-year-old star has time and again supported him.

Apart from this, the Avenger: Endgame actress was also slammed online when magazines said that she had defended her right to play any role, even if she didn’t fit it. Basically, Johansson was signed up for playing a Japanese character, and people though an Asian should have been cast for the role. After all the criticism that was thrown her way though, she clarified her stance and also decided to withdraw herself from the project.

2 – Kim Kardashian


From makeup to shapewear, Kim K has been surrounded by controversy one too many times. People started hating her the moment she shot to fame because of a sex tape. Unabashedly though, Kardashian continued making the most of her body and has since done many nude photoshoots. The reality TV show star is also hated for she promotes weight loss pills that are actually dangerous.

The most recent scandal that circulated about her was her attempt at naming her shapewear brand Kimono, a move that offended the Japanese. Other than this, Kim Kardashian regularly stays in the headlines for not being a good enough mom as people think the example she sets for her children is rotten. Not to forget, many believe that her clothing choices are meh along with being too exposing and that she photoshops most of her Insta pictures.

3 – Drake


Drake is hated simply because many don’t like the music he brings to the table. Some argue that he is not a hip-hop singer, others think his songs are heavily autotuned. There are even folks out there who simply dislike Drake for his personality. They think he pretends to be someone he is not and is a hypocrite for this.

Many have branded him misogynistic, a man who has spent 10 years having meaningless relationships. Then there are those who think he is not masculine enough. Let’s not forget one of the instances in his life as a star that shocked his audience. Basically, Drake has a baby named Adonis with a woman who he allegedly doesn’t care about and he tried to hide this truth from all. Then some also believe that he tries to prey on innocent Millie Bobby Brown in the name of friendship.

4 – Bella Thorne


Rumor says Bella Thorne is a cheater and a liar. Allegedly, Bella lied to Charlie Puth that she was single when she was actually dating Tyler Posey. And this led to Puth and Thorne making out even though paparazzi photos showed that she was still dating Posey. Apart from this, from time to time the Midnight Sun actress posts her nudes, something many don’t appreciate.

They also say she is a difficult person to work with on set and is rude to her fans. Then there are rumors that Bella Thorne dated Scott Disick for fame and publicity. To add to the list, people think Thorne does drugs as well and uses offensive language. She has talked awful stuff about many celebrities and even body-shamed those who have anorexia. What’s more, when Bella was underage for drinking, she took pictures of herself doing so and shared them online.

5 – Taylor Swift


Though Swift has oh-so-many fans, she does have some haters as well. The reason? Well, there’s more than one of that. People often roll their eyes at the Bad Blood singer for having too many relationships, all being short-lived. Most of her relationships hardly last for longer than three months. Oh, and she’s not shy when it comes to making songs that blame her exes.

Apart from constantly victimizing herself, Taylor is also bashed for using her relationships for publicity. Many think that she deliberately makes sure that the cameras always catch snaps of hers with the men she is dating. A few years back Taylor Swift also dated Tom Hiddleston, which many thought was a publicity stunt. Some said that she had cheated on Calvin Harris with the Loki actor. To add to the pile, Taylor also has a massive feud with Kim Kardashian which is why fans of Kim’s consider her a snake.

6 – Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart’s history is what has always thrust her into the negative spotlight. The actress played Bella Swan in Twilight, a character who was much hated by watchers. And as it is, fans started hating Kristen because of the role she played. The Twilight love story was highly flawed. Not to mention, many think Kristen didn’t do a good job at playing the character.

Another reason Kristen is hated? Her paparazzi-clicked pictures hardly ever show her smiling. Now that photographs of hers promoting her films Seberg and Charlie’s Angels have been rotating, people are bashing her dressing sense too. Folks have also not forgotten that she once cheated on her long-term BF of then Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders. Nasty pictures of Sanders and Stewart didn’t fail to tarnish Stewart’s reputation then and still haunt her now.

7 – Priyanka Chopra


Last but not the least, Priyanka Chopra is on this list as well. The actress entered the hate realm when people started calling her out for what they consider is her fake American accent. Chopra has been labelled a wannabe plus many are of the view that she married Nick Jonas out of her lust for climbing the Hollywood ladder of fame.

Recently the Quantico actress got called out for insulting a fan who questioned her political views at BeautyCon. Mrs. Jonas didn’t give the girl named Ayesha Malik a chance to finish her sentence and turned the narrative to make it look like Malik was the bad guy here. Other than this, Chopra is also slammed online at many occasions for her fashion sense. Many think that she dresses up too much even when out and about casually. 

So this wraps up our list of celebrities in Hollywood who are hated by a huge chunk of the audience. Do you think all this hate makes sense? Or is it illogical of people to hate on others simply due to difference in opinion?