Obesity or overweight is a rising concern around the globe. The change in our lifestyles and alterations in the dietary composition are some of the major reasons that have encouraged weight gain. However, the problem really starts when obesity leads to many other health issues.

Essentially, any person with a body mass index of 30 or above 30 is obese. There are various chronic diseases that are linked with obesity ranging from heart strokes to cancer. Let’s check out some of the major health concerns that correspond with obesity:

  1. Heart Diseases:

The heart is one of the most important organs. However, it is exposed to threat in the case of obesity. Obesity culminates in issues like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. These are leading risk factors that contribute to poor heart functioning and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.

With obesity, the pressure on blood vessels is greatly increased. This results in various heart diseases including heart attacks. Losing even a smaller amount of weight can positively impact heart health, which is why weight loss often suggested by cardiologists.

  1. Diabetes:

Another prevailing health issue faced by those who are obese is Type-2 diabetes. Research reveals that 85% of the patients that were diagnosed with Type-2 were overweight while 50% of them were obese. Furthermore, diabetes serves as the root cause of various other issues related to the heart and kidneys.

  1. Osteoarthritis:

We start coming across conditions related to joints with the passage of age. Several senior folks around us complain about stiffness in their joints and unbearable pain. Osteoarthritis is also a similar health condition, however, the gain in weight only fuels the problem.

The extra pounds tend to put additional pressure on your hips, knees and other joints, which makes them weak. Reducing weight and maintaining a healthy diet may help reduce joint stiffness.

  1. High Blood Pressure:

As mentioned above, obesity leads to issues like high blood pressure, which reach a finale of heart issues. Due to obesity, there is immense pressure on the blood vessels. At times fat also accumulate in arteries, which makes them stiff. This, in turn, disturbs the blood flow.

Moreover, the increase in fat tissues in our body demands extra effort by heart, which exerts pressure on the artery walls, resulting in high blood pressure.

  1. Sleep Issues:

Sleep apnea is one of the rising concerns faced by those who suffer from obesity. It is a health condition which is characterized by a shortage of air/breathing difficulties during sleep.

When it comes to obesity, slumbering puts extra pressure on the chest walls that pressurizes the lungs. This causes disturbance in breathing and wakefulness throughout the night while drowsiness throughout the day.

For those that are victims of sleep apnea and are obese too, it is highly recommended to lose some weight to resolve the issue. Overweight also leads to several other respiratory issues.

  1. Cancer:

Although there isn’t strong evidence that links obesity with increased risk of cancer, specialists see a link between cancer and obesity. They opine that cancer of the colon, breast, kidneys, pancreas, and ovaries are related to overweight or obesity. It is understood that the increase in fat tissues might cause hindrance to the development of other cells.

  1. Psychological Problems:

Apart from physical health, our mental health is badly affected by obesity too. Our society has created a specific standard for almost everything and meeting that part is linked with social acceptance. Obesity pushes one far away from that sense of normality, while simultaneously encouraging overthinking, depression and anxiety.

Key takeaway

In the end, it’s fair to say that these extra pounds in our body our doing us no good, they only cause stress on both our mental and physical health. A healthy life is centered around balance, so, if you think your body is not functioning properly you may have to check the weight scales again.