You have to be careful when you spend if you are living on a budget. But even when you’re not, there are some items that deserve to be splurged on, while others can be purchased for cheap without any regrets following you around. That’s because spending too much on most of these items is really not worth it. They don’t bring in much attention and more often than not, you don’t wear them quite a lot either. Then there are those items which you should buy from affordable brands because they are just as good, if not exactly, as designer wear.

Wondering which items are not worth a huge investment? We’ve compiled a list of 7 items that you should rather buy for cheap.

  1. Socks

You don’t really need those Rihanna socks. Most people won’t get to see your socks and so, there’s just no point of spending too much on them. Even when your sock-clad feet do get exposed, the first thing that you and the people around you would be concerned about would be your hygiene and the odor of your feet. So, your priority here should be to keep your feet clean and wear washed socks that emanate a good fragrance.

  1. Workout gear

While we understand that spending a whole lot of bucks on workout gear is essential because you probably have to take a selfie for social media, a better move would be to spend minimum on exercise clothes. Because no gear is high-tech enough to prevent the smell of perspiration so why should you spend money on something that would do the same job and you can buy for cheap as well? If you’re too desperate for high-end workout gear and don’t have enough money, wait for the year’s clearance sale to cop a pair.

  1. Tees

You probably wear your t-shirts a lot. When you are running errands, when you are just lounging at home or when you are hanging out with your buddies, every place is where wearing a t-shirt would be appropriate. Since you tend to wear your tees so much, their shelf life is only so long. Eventually the fabric gives in, the smell sits in, and your tee becomes only good enough to be worn when you are headed to bed. So, it’s not worth spending a whole stack of bucks on.

  1. Trendy stuff

Saw that printed floral dress that is so in vogue this season, you feel like you cannot not buy it? Honestly, don’t. It’s not worth it if its only here for a fleeting moment. You know what they say about trends and style; fashions fade, style is eternal. This is why you should not spend on things that have a short market life. For instance, chokers. They were fashionable for only so long until people started hating on them. Same goes for mini backpacks. They were here for a while last year until people realized that they weren’t useful enough and decided against them.

To sum up, you only need to spend a lot on the things that people are most likely to look at. The rest can be of mediocre quality. You don’t necessarily have to purchase everything from costly labels if your wallet doesn’t allow. Not every good thing should cost you a bomb. That said, don’t spend too much on socks, gym gear, t-shirt, and trendy wear. Rather save that money and spend it on fashion items that are worth the huge investment.