You would have heard how curled eyelashes are so in trend these days. However, not all of us can go for lash lifting. The reasons behind this are simple – first of all, lash lifting is a costly process. Secondly, it isn’t permanent. And finally, the process is also not completely free of risks. After all, lots of chemicals are getting glued to your eyelashes to make them stay a particular way for a few weeks.

So, the only option that you think you’re left with is using an eyelash curler. But eyelash curlers are also not completely safe. In fact, they can damage or pluck your eyelashes leaving them sparse in the long run. Not to forget there are so many mistakes that people make when using lash curlers from holding the wand incorrectly to not cleaning the tool.

Are there any other ways that you can use for boosting the curl of your lashes? Yes, here are some ways you can curl your eyelashes without compromising their volume or health:

1 – Make use of a mascara

Mascaras are a girl’s best friend. Unfortunately, with all these new tools and techniques out there only a few people are actually investing in mascaras. What you can do is that you can use the finest quality of waterproof mascara to boost the volume and curl your eyelashes. Make sure though that you replace your mascara every few months so that you don’t transport any germs or dirt to your sensitive eyelids.

2 – Make use of a spoon

Did you know that you can actually use a teaspoon for curling your eyelashes? You can, which means there is no point of investing in eyelash curling tools. Simply slightly heat the spoon before making use of it and then flatten it against your lid. Curl your eyelashes over the spoon slightly with your finger and you’re good to go.

Make sure though that you only heat the spoon for a couple of seconds. Heating it for too long will make the spoon too hot for your eyes. Your eyelashes don’t require so much heat so a two-second heating would do. You could heat by running the spoon through hot water or by blowing at it with a hair dryer. For an extra boost, apply a light amount of mascara on after.

3 – Make use of your fingers

You could make use of your fingers to get the desired curl. For this purpose, you are only supposed to heat your fingertips slightly before pressing them against your eyelashes. You can heat your fingertips by exhaling on them but that wouldn’t be the most sanitary option. So, wash your hands first and then heat your fingertips by means of running them through hot water or another such technique.

4 – Make use of aloe vera gel

A natural and actually nourishing way of curling your lashes is by means of using aloe vera gel. You can take the gel on your fingers, a bit of it, and apply it in a curling motion to your eyelashes. This will make the curl last longer. And for the while that the gel is on, it will also keep your lashes healthy. No heat or chemicals involved!

5 – make use of a cotton bud

What Korean women do to perk up their lashes is that they make use of a cotton bud. First of all, they cut the ends of the Q-tip. Next they heat the remaining stick and then use it to gently lift up their eyelashes. The technique works very well but be sure that you don’t bring the hot stick too close to your eyelids because, as mentioned above, too much heat doesn’t work well with your eyes – both lids and lashes.

6 – Make use of a toothbrush

Last but not the least, the easiest way to curl your lashes is by making use of a toothbrush. You can curl your lashes by using a new toothbrush to brush them into a curl. Don’t forget to heat the toothbrush prior to using it.

7 – Make use of a natural oil

A light dab of coconut, olive or castor oil can also be used for serving the purpose. You can pour the oil in a small dish and then apply it to your lashes in an upward motion. Your lashes will get the nourishment they need for lengthening them along with a curl for a few hours. Try to buy an oil specifically for your lashes as other oils may be too thick for application on your lashes.

So, these were our top tips on how you can curl your eyelashes sans the use of an eyelash curler or getting the lash lift treatment done. Do you have any other tips and tricks to add to the list?