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Living on a budget is not easy. It challenges you and keeps you grounded. It forces you to spend wisely. But sometimes saving money can also make you make wrong, regrettable decisions. Several people recommend going for second-hand items when you are supposed to keep your monetary expenses in check. But there should always be a line that marks the divide between stuff that is okay to buy if it is used and things that should always be bought brand-new even if you have to go for the cheapest choices available.

That said, here’s a list of 6 things that you must never buy used.


Whether you’re out shopping for swimwear or just your daily undergarments, go for cheap brands or local stores but don’t choose pre-owned intimate wear. Experts agree on this rule. Even if you see a Victoria’s secret set of underwear for $50 worn by a renowned personality, just don’t take this risk. It can come with serious consequences on your hygiene and health.


Used footwear is no good. Typically, used heels have been worn a lot so they don’t last. Used sneakers can carry bad odor and mold. They may cause fungus to make a home between your toes. So, the verdict also doesn’t go in the favor of buying used here. However, there are some sites that offer preowned footwear, which is brand new and expensive but still preowned, such as Stadium Goods. These can be relied upon because they have definitely made a name for themselves.


Unless you’re investing in second-hand luxury watches, there is no point buying a used watch. Most of these never show the right time. They’re stuck or stop working after a while. So, you’re investment goes down the drain as the watch becomes only as useful as a bracelet. When talking about watches, if you are genuinely interested in seeing the time, you shouldn’t buy cheap.

Workout gear

If you are on the less affording end of the scale, don’t purchase special workout gear unless you can pay for brand-new. No matter how many times a used pair has been washed, it would still carry days and days of sweat sitting inside the folds of the fabric. Which is gross. This is why we think that workout gear should never be bought used.

Hair accessories

Fascinators and hats like combs should never be bought used. Most people do not bother washing their hats, and let’s admit it, even we don’t. Washing hats is not conventional. This is why we believe that purchasing used hats is a no-no. Hair carry both sweat and sebum and you don’t know whether the previous owner cared about his or her hygiene enough. There are also scalp diseases that can be transferred when hair accessories are shared.

Rain gear

Okay so it’s raining outside quite passionately, and you don’t have enough bucks in your wallet to invest in a rain coat. Should you or should you not wear used rain gear? The point here for which we would recommend you stay away from second-hand rain gear is not just that health and hygiene risks may accompany but also that rain gear is not exactly made to be very sustainable. Once worn a few times, it loses its functionality. Buying rain gear that is not waterproof defeats the purpose.

To sum up, while desperate times call for desperate measures and you might have to depend on cheaper alternatives when your financial status makes you feel tightfisted, there are some clothing essentials that should just not be bought second-hand.