Relationships are all about give and take. And as much as it seems that men don’t want anything from you, they actually do. Many ladies expect that their partners only need physical intimacy from them but that’s far from the truth. Your man wants more; he too has emotional needs and wants you to make an effort for him. So, let’s get to the point, shall we? What do men actually want from their women? Here are 6 things that your boyfriend would love to get from you:

1 – Your support

Like women, men too seek support from their partners. Whether they are starting a business endeavor or following a creative passion for fun, they want their lady to cheer for them. After all, partnership stands on the foundation of support. No one wants his girlfriend or boyfriend to ignore his aims or aspirations or simply be alone in the journey toward achieving them.

2 – A good massage

Oh, yeah, it’s not just girls who like a gentle back rub! Men also dig that stuff even if some of them don’t admit such things. Everyone wants to get pampered and feel loved but women are just more vocal about it. So once in a while get your olive oil bottle out and relax your man’s stiff muscles from a long day at work.

3 – Your appreciation

Another thing that men love – appreciation. Whether they fetch a chocolate for you, or they help you out with something technical, they want you to appreciate them. It makes them feel accomplished; as if their lady likes them for the smallest of their actions. Let’s be real though, don’t we women also love it when we’re appreciated for existing?

4 – Your first move

Even when it comes to physical intimacy, no man likes a woman who doesn’t respond to his moves positively. A man’s basic instinct is to make his woman feel satisfied in bed. So, tell your man when and what you like about his touch and don’t shy away from taking the first step every now and then. Wear sexy lingerie, seduce him, tell him that you want him as much as he wants you.

5 – You being communicative

As women, we want men to magically know what we expect from them. But most men suck at reading your brain which is why you should try being open. If you want something, ask nicely. And by nicely, we mean they want you to not nag them, shout aloud or start ignoring them until they spend hours trying to get you to speak up. If you have a problem, discuss it openly. Don’t beat about the bush and assume he understands or should understand on his own.

6 – You asking for help

Men love helping around, not home chores, but in stuff that makes them come off as intelligent or masculine. This means if your vehicle’s tyre bursts, you know whom to ask for help. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you know where to head for advice. The idea is that men like solving problems for the people they are interested in. Even if you have your solutions, consider asking for help regardless.

So, that was a list of six things that men hope you give them even if some of these they can’t ask for. Do you have any more things to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!