Period is a natural phenomenon and as soon as girls hit the age, our mothers, sisters, or friends start telling and guiding them about it. There many horrid stories attached to it and various experiences attached to it as well. Periods are a sign of a women’s health and tell a lot about our fitness.

However, for many, their monthly menstrual cycle can be quite a dreadful time of the month because of the cramps it brings along. The unbearable pain and the weakness brought by it confine us to the bed.

If that’s what you are going through then here few remedies that may help you in that time of the month:

  1. Hot Bag

Hot bags or heating pad is the most common home remedy used by a lot of woman around the globe. Heat provided by all these sources help in relaxing of uterus muscles, which contract during periods. Studies confirm that hot bags help relieve pain, and are as effective as pills taken for beating cramps at their game.

  1. Herbal Tea

A warm cup of herbal tea can be another solution when it comes to period cramps. Research shows that there are herbs that have the tendency of relaxing the contraction during pain. They may even increase the level of estrogen in the body. You can take chamomile tea, peppermint oil tea, or cramps bark tea for the pain.

  1. Exercise

It may sound impossible but exercise may be your shot when it comes to cramps. The pain may make it look impossible to even stand but doing physical activities that you enjoy or are comparatively easy may help you through the pain. You can walk or do simple yoga that increase the blood flow in the body relieving you from pain.

  1. Supplements

Nutrient supplements like Vitamin B1 or Fish Oil capsules can be taken daily to avoid menstrual cramps. It was researched that women who took either Vitamin B1 or fish oil supplements reported that it helped them as compared with other relievers. Your body needs nutrients to fight the pain, it’s good to get them.

  1. Acupuncture or Acupressure:

Your body has some special trigger points in the fleshy areas that when pressured rightly can relieve you from various pains including menstrual cramps. There are therapies based on acupuncture and acupressure, which are done through needles or pressing these trigger points. You can either go to someone who practices these therapies or learn about these pressured areas for needed days.

  1. Sleep:

7-8 hours of peaceful sleep is a must for an individual and whenever the sleeping patterns are disrupted you can note various health issues surfacing, ranging from psychological to physical. Menstrual cramps are also associated with a lack of sleep. Women who go through insomnia report these cramps on a regular basis. Regulating good sleeping pattern will also aid you in curing the pain.

Period cramps can be a sign of weakness or stress and make your entire day unbearable. The weakness that comes along the pain can’t be denied either. This leads to great discomfort for the whole day affecting your daily schedules. These are a few of the tips which you can observe to relax relaxed from cramps.

If on the other hand, these tips are not helpful for you then don’t ignore the pain, as it can be a sign that your body is giving you. Consult a doctor as soon as possible, tell them the details of your entire health condition so they can give you proper treatment. Cure this weakness and strengthen up yourself.