On a chilly winter day, nothing beats the relaxation of a hot shower. As the hot water walks down your back, it relaxes tight muscles, washing away the fatigue. Any moment you mistakenly find yourself in a cold water burst, you jump out in a frantic rush. But wait, don’t do that.

Even in the winters, when cold water baths seem like no option to consider, ending your hot shower with cold water comes with benefits. Sizzling hot water might feel good, but its not recommended. While warm water baths are preferred, steamy showers irritate your skin leaving it dry and flaky.

Of course, you’re moving your head from left to right and vice versa reading about how you should end hot showers with cold water. So, let’s try and convince you. Here are 6 reasons why it’s better for you to end hot shower sessions with cold waterfalls:

1 – Makes your skin softer and tighter

The first benefit is the most obvious one – cold water softens your skin by minimizing any damage caused to it because of hot water. It prevents the loss of natural oils from your skin and hair which can leave it dry.

Cold water at the end also reduces the appearance of your pores. Though pores never really close, cold water helps them contract, leaving your skin firmer.

2 – Makes your hair shinier

Cold water is also better for your hair. Hot water can not only dry out your scalp, but it can cause harm to your mane as well. It can make your hair more brittle and rougher. Cool water, on the other hand, leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

This is why it is often said that after drying your hair on a full-blast heat setting, end it with cold hair drying. Cold water also reduces the chances of dryness and itching which can make white bits cascade down your hair all day long.

3 – May help with weight loss

The sudden attack of cold water would put your body in a shock which will try to adjust with the temperature quickly. In the process, a lot of calories will be blown off. Cold water wouldn’t only increase your heart rate but accelerate your metabolism as well.

Since this cold out also energizes your instantly, you’ll notice that you will be more able to work toward burning off more calories the rest of the day as well.

4 – Makes you feel more awake

As your switch from hot to cold water, you will also experience an energy surge. As mentioned above, your energy levels will go up. Moreover, your alertness will also be increased making you feel more awake.

The reason behind this is that your blood circulation would be boosted which will make you more energetic for the rest of the day. This is why cold water showers are recommended as an after-sports or exercise recovery session.

5 – Will boost your mood

Another benefit of cold water baths is that they tend to boost your mood. In fact, people who have depression can go for cold showers for improving their mood. Cold water would trigger the sympathetic nervous system and send out increased neurotransmitters.

The release of endorphins makes you feel happier. Plus, cold water also sends electrical impulses which amp up your alertness, and mental clarity as well as energy.

6 – Will strengthen immunity and prevent illness

Studies also show that cold water showers can help boost immunity. This stands true even when the flu season is going on. Basically, cold outs are beneficial because they boost blood circulation. They also support lymphatic drainage.

This means toxins are taken out of the body while nutrients are circulated inside. No products stay accumulated which can cause discomfort and other health issues. Movement of lymph doesn’t only prevent infections but also aids in recovery by increasing lactic acid production.

So, these were the many benefits that are associated to dedicating the last seconds of your hot shower to cold water. It can be tough to adjust to a sudden burst of cold water so what you can do is take it step by step.

After closing the hot water tap, step outside of the shower. Turn the cold tap on and then slowly, one body part after another, get into the shower. Make sure all parts of your body get soaked in the cold water including your back, arms, legs, neck, scalp and all before turning it off and wrapping yourself in a towel.

One important pointer that you should take note of – to cold out at the end of a hot shower takes some getting used to. Initially it can feel way too tough until you get comfortable with it. So, if you are ill or have weak immunity because you have just recovered, don’t immediately test try this technique. Instead, consider waiting until you feel fully better to ease into it.