You might have heard this before – olive oil can work wonders for your beauty. And no, they’re not wrong about it. While it may have surprised you how a salad ingredient can bless your beauty, there’s more to the oil than just being a part of your kitchen.

In fact, this oil which is basically the fat collected from Olives grown in the Mediterranean, should be a part of your dressing table too. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals after all. Due to its highly nourishing nature, a high-quality olive oil can benefit your beauty in a number of ways.

Wondering what this oil can do in the beauty department? Let’s run you through 6 reasons you should consider using this baby:

1 – Scalp and hair

Olive oil has moisturizing properties which is why is great for your scalp. The nutrients in it directly enter your hair follicles there to strengthen your strands at their roots. This oil is also great for hair growth along with strength.

For scalp and hair, olive oil has been in use since ancient times in Egypt. What you do to use it is heat the oil and then apply it on your scalp as well as tips of hair. After 10 to 15 minutes wash the oil off and you’ll notice a positive difference.

2 – Eye lashes

Of course, if its good for the hair on your head it also does a good job on your eye lashes. Olive oil is one natural remedy that you can resort to using if you have brittle eye lashes that fall out often and have too much space in between.

The oil would strengthen your natural lashes and also encourage growth. Regular use will show you worthwhile results in a few weeks’ time. However, since the oil is heavy don’t dab on too much. Just a drop or two on a washed mascara wand or a cotton ball.

3 – Lips

Interestingly, olive oil also has something in store for your lips. It’s not uncommon for lips to get cracked and chapped. And since olive oil is known for its ability to moisturize it can come in handy in this regard. Just mix in some sugar in the oil and apply it.

You may also add some lemon juice in the mix to get some acidic properties. Moreover, the addition of lemon juice would also improve the taste of the oil which means you can apply the blend and eat it too. You can make use of the same mix as a body scrub as well.

4 – Skin

Olive oil’s hydrating properties make it amazing for your skin as well. Does this mean though that you should use olive oil on your skin all the time without any issues? Not really. The oil is thick and heavy with the potential to clog pores.

Which means you must always do a patch test prior to applying and apply only a few drops, not a thick layer. You don’t want to overdo with the application lest you allow bacteria to breed on your skin and get acne. Ouch!

5 – Eczema

Owing to its moisturizing properties there’s some belief that olive oil can be an effective remedy for eczema. Eczema leaves your skin dry and scaly which is where olive oil can assist. It hydrates your skin and substantially lowers dryness.

However, there are mixed opinions in this area of the oil’s use. One study found that using olive and other oils on infants can trigger eczema later in life. Therefore, again be careful with olive oil application and wipe off extra oil because too much of it would hamper easy absorption.

6 – Nails

Last but not the least, olive oil can also be used on your nails. Basically, olive oil is great for the health of your cuticles. And since your cuticles determine a huge part of your nail health, there’s some great nail benefits there.

As in the case of your hair, use of olive oil on your cuticles can improve their strength and growth. It can prevent your nails from getting too brittle and chipping and breaking easily. Hence, instead of focusing on pushing your cuticles back, consider nourishing them with olive oil.

So, this sums up the ways olive oil is a great addition to your beauty routine.