Swimming and water-based activities are incomplete without proper gear. Like you need proper gym clothes for working out, you need swimwear to take a dip in the water. This is not only because swimming and sun-bathing on a beach are more fun with less clothes on. There’s way more to swimwear than that. Here are 6 reasons that explain the need for swim-specific clothing:

1 – It is modest

There was a time when men would hop into the water without any clothes on. This was how it was in the 1960’s. However, after desegregation, things changed, and people started to cover up their private parts. You see, you cannot head butt-naked into the sea. Most desegregated areas will not take nicely to that. There are rules against skinny-dipping at certain places as well.

2 – It is safer

You also cannot jump into a pool in your causal street clothes. This is because those clothes are loosely fitted and may get hooked to any latches or rocks or wrap around your head which can be dangerous. This is particularly applicable in the case of kids. Which is why, it is necessary to instill the habit of entering the pool with swim clothes on in them since childhood.

3 – It is sanitary

You cannot wear your casual clothes into the water. Your everyday garments carry sweat, perfume, fecal matter and pathogens from the environment. Wearing street clothes in the pool is unsanitary. Taking about sanitation, people have a habit of peeing in the water. Swimwear is designed to minimize the negative effects of this.

4 – It is easier to disinfect

The fabric of swimsuits is such that it is easier for chlorine in the pool to disinfect it. Wearing denim or another unsuitable material makes it difficult for chlorine to quickly disinfect the pool which means more people are at the risk of other people’s bacteria infecting them. Therefore, pool authorities disallow wearing anything other than swimwear when swimming.

5 – It is particularly designed for the purpose

Swimsuit materials are also better able to tolerate the wear and tear caused by chlorine, salt and the UV rays of the sun. Your regular clothes are prone to get more damaged because of the sun’s rays and the chemicals in the pool. Some swim clothes may also have features such as sun protection, quick drying, etc. What’s more, swimwear is designed to resist water and its drag allowing for better and freer limb movement.

6 – It promotes confidence

Being comfortable in your own skin enough to not worry about what onlookers may think about your exposed flesh is something not everyone can master. Now while it is not a good idea to go around wearing minimal clothing to other places, the pool gives you a reason to cover up as less as possible. This teaches you to be confident about your body. It also inspires others.

Take home message

To sum up, wearing swimsuits in the water is essential, not only for a better swimming experience but also because swimsuits meet sanitary measures. Swimwear is designed to allow freedom of movement, fits well and hence, is safer. The fabric used is also able to tolerate the wear and tear caused by environmental elements better.