Adding some vegetables in your diet is never a bad option as they are an essential source of nutrition that you need. When it comes to leafy vegetables, they are definitely to be the best pick. The greener the leaves, the healthier the vegetable will be.

The best thing about leafy vegetables is they can be included in making proper dishes like a casserole or you can chop and toss them in the bowl of your salad. Including them also helps you in fighting multiple health issues including obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes.

Here are 6 leafy vegetables that you should get the next time you go grocery shopping:

  1.    Arugula

Rocket, colewort, roquette, rucola, and rucoli if you have heard any of these names then you are just talking about arugula. These are small leaves that can be made in various ways and have a slighty peppery taste to them. Arugula is full of nutrients like Vitamin A, B9, and K. They also increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body which helps in issues related to the heart and arteries.

  1.    Spinach

There are many benefits that are linked with spinach. Moreover, there is also a list of delicious recipes that can be made from this vegetable. Picking up spinach can be a good option if you are looking for food that contains low calories. Specialists also tell that spinach contains vitamin A, C, Folate, and magnesium which benefit the body in numerous ways. It is also rich in iron and can even be taken with fruits in form of a smoothie.

  1.    Kale

Including kale in your diet is definitely a wise option. It has tons of benefits to offer. It is even safe to say that this member of Brassica Family is your best friend. It has lutein in it, an antioxidant that is best for eyes; with vitamin C it offers a lot of other nutrients which can benefit our body in surprising ways. Kale also consists of substances that can help fight cancer.

  1.    Collard Greens

Though collard green has a strong taste which many don’t like, it has a lot of nutritional value to offer. It is a source of vitamin A, K, C, fiber and other micronutrients that are helpful for several organs in the body including the heart, bones, and blood. You can cook it by mixing it with other veggies and stir fry it to reduce the strong bitter taste that it has including it in your diet is definitely a good choice.

  1.    Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is your fine take on vitamin K, as vitamin K are responsible of absorbing calcium in your body it is not only helpful with stronger bones but it also prevents clotting of blood and narrowing of arteries. It is said that taking a bowl of swiss chard can cover your daily intake of vitamin K. Furthermore, studies have found that good intake of the veggie also helps in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. As this vegetable has a bitter taste, you can cook it to reduce the intensity.

  1.    Broccoli

Last on the list is broccoli, this is the member of the same family as cabbage and can be tasty in any way it is taken. You can bake it, stir-fry it or include it in a salad. Broccoli, like its competitors, has a lot to offer with a good amount of fiber and more than the daily requirement of vitamin C and K. It is also the source of folate and magnesium and has cancer-fighting properties.

The list of the vegetable is long but these six are fully capable of fulfilling your daily requirements of nutrients. So, whatever you choose, these vegetables have a lot to offer.