You’d think that people would by now understand that an actor who is gay will be open about it. He has no reason to hide in the modern era where more and more people are becoming accepting and welcoming. Yet some fans think that their favorite celebrities are gay despite them clearly showing they are not. Among the many rumored-to-be-gay celebs out there some are least expected ones who have rumors surrounding them.

Wondering which super good-looking Hollywood men are rumored to be gay though they probably aren’t? Let’s run you through our list:   

1 – Zac Efron

Many people think that Zac Efron might be gay. Not only is he a big supporter of gay rights and same-sex marriage, the High School Musical star also plans to play a gay character in the future. The actor once admitted that he couldn’t “see what’s so wrong about being gay.”

From his dressing style to the one time he was jokingly linked to Dave Franco, the actor oozes gay pride. He’s also dated some bisexual celebrities, which has made many believe that he might be bi himself. In fact, you could conclude that Efron has fueled rumors about him being gay by showing pictures of himself nearly making out with Wes Bentley.

2 – Shawn Mendes

Though he finds the rumors “hurtful” Mendes has been the center of gay rumors more than once. The Canadian crooner hasn’t been in a long or strong relationship until his recent dates with Camila Cabello. Unfortunately, he’s not convincing anyone as many find the Havana singer’s relationship with him to be fabricated for media attention.

The Nervous singer was called out for being gay when Taylor Swift posted a video to her Instagram in which she could be seen putting makeup on him. Fans think that he has a gay vibe about him. However, he has rejected the rumors, admitting that he is just a bit “feminine.”

3 – Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal has two sorts of rumors circulating around him regarding his dating life. First off, people think he might be gay. The second type of rumorspout him in the same category as that of Leonardo DiCaprio who enjoys new flings every now and then.

About the former, Jake was questioned about his sexuality directly. And though he said that he took the gay rumors that buzzed around him as a “compliment” the actor clarified that he wasn’t homosexual. The Prisoners star doesn’t shy away from bromances either, take Tom Holland as an example. Currently, Jake is in a relationship with model Jeanne Cadieu.

4 – Bradley Cooper

Though he has been linked to quite a few models and actresses, the Hangover star keeps getting dragged into the circle of gay rumors. He recently broke up with Irina Shayk, whom he shares a daughter with, and even got associated with Lady Gaga romantically and yet many believe that behind closed doors he is involved with men.

Though he has tried to escape the rumors, the 44-year-old thinks of them as “fantastic.” And when a gay joke about him was made in 2015’s Tony Awards, the actor didn’t back off. Instead he played along even though the joke was on him.

5 – Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is another smoking hot actor who has been labelled as gay. And this is not because of mere rumors but the fact that he admitted years back that he had been in sexual affairs with men. When asked if he had slept with males, the English actor answered with an “Of course.”

He further added that he felt “feminine” to an extent and knew that gay men could get him. However, when asked about his sexual orientation later, the Venom actor lashed out. He has been linked to a lot of women since and been married twice as well. Currently, he is married to the Peaky Blinders actress, Charlotte Riley.

6 – Chris Evans

Last but not the least, we have on our list Chris Evans. Though he is a big supporter of women and gay rights and has an openly gay brother as well, the actor who is known for playing Captain America is not gay. Or is he?

Rumors have swirled around him for a long time, but he has dated many female stars include Jessica Biel and Jenny Slate. However, he is often single for long stretches of time and very private about his relationships. The 38-year-old has also entered into the rumored-gay realm because of bromances with many of his pals. Many MCU fans like to believe that he has a crush on Sebastian Stan and RDJ.