Holidays are mostly synonymous with traveling. This, in turn, opens gateways for illnesses that can almost ruin your trip or take out the fun element from your holiday. However, there are always ways to play it safe and keep illness at bay.

Consequently, you can enjoy your holidays without the stress of getting sick or going down with it. In this context, here are some helpful tips and precautionary measures to follow to prevent illness this season:

1. Change your clothes frequently

You need to remember two things. One, change your clothes after you have reached your destination. This means that you need to change your clothes immediately after your plane lands or after a long road trip.

Secondly, you need to change your clothes soon after coming in contact with people who are sick. The reasoning behind both the cases is simple – microbes or harmful, disease-causing foreign agents may attach to your clothing.

It is still unclear how long the microbes stay on your clothing. Mostly, it varies. Since you don’t have a way of figuring out which type of microbes are on your clothes, it is best to get rid of your clothes and get into a fresh outfit to avoid getting sick.

2. Wash your hands properly

Your hands can also pick up microbes of respiratory virus, flu, or staph. As soon as you touch your face, you can become infected. On average, you touch your nose, mouth, eyes, and face between 5-16 times in an hour.

This means that any illness-borne germs on your hands can infect you at any time. Therefore, you need to wash your hands with water and soap. Take 30 seconds to wash your hands. Clean under your fingernails and between your fingers. Germs can hide in these areas and you may miss them while washing hands. Therefore, wash your hands properly.

3. Sleep well

Your sleep can take a serious hit when you travel. New pillows, new places, change in your sleep schedule, anything can jeopardize your sleep. However, sleep is integral to maintaining your health and wellness.

To beat this, you can always fetch some zzz on the plane. If you find it hard to rest though, then you can seek help from a natural sleep aid like melatonin.

4. Drink plenty of water

Lots of people forget about taking water during the winter season. However, it is as important to take water as it is in summers. Similarly, you may forget about drinking enough water when traveling. Dehydration makes your more susceptible to infections. On top of that, it can make it tough to fight a disease when infected.

Therefore, keep your water bottle close by. Keep sipping water periodically. If you find plain water boring, then you can always infuse your drink with strawberries, cucumbers, lemon, or lime.

5. Don’t forget to exercise

If you are on a trip that entails lots of physical activity, then you are good to go. However, if you are on a vacation that is dedicated to resting and relaxing, then your physical activity quota may go down. This is not what you want as it can make your vulnerable to infections.

To keep that at arm’s length, you should work to increase your exercise while on a holiday. You can go for a jog or walk as much as possible. Keep in mind that exercise boosts your immunity, which helps prevent infections.

6. Other tips

Some other tips to save yourself from illness include:

  • Sanitizing the areas occupied by ill people
  • Cleaning surfaces with the help of disinfectant wipes
  • Refraining from putting food in the seat pocket