A ketogenic diet is highly applauded for its effectiveness in helping you shed the extra pounds. It concentrates on using fats for energy, which means that the fat reserves in your body start melting. This translates into depleted fat deposits and weight loss.

The diet plan pays special attention to the amount of fats, carbs, and proteins that you consume. Once on a keto diet, you will have to ensure that you include a significant portion of healthy fats in your diet, say 75% of your diet should include good fats. At the same time, focus on including a slim portion of carbs so that the body does not burn it directly for energy instead of carbs.

Lastly, take a moderate amount of proteins because an excess of these are converted to glucose for energy in the body. This nothing very complicated though.

Let’s walk you through six ketogenic-friendly foods that you can include in your keto diet without any guilt:

Cream Cheese

This is a popular spread, especially, for those who love cheese. Having it early in the morning or late at night can satisfy your cravings. You can add the creamy textured cheese into your keto diet without worries. However, you cannot have it with bread or any other food that is high on carbs.

As the ketogenic diets focus on high fat and low carb so it is advised to better use cream cheese as an ingredient. Mix it with berries and peaches!


If you are missing out on seafood, then maybe it’s time you go grocery shopping again. According to experts, take seafood that shows less carb content. For example, you can have salmon, shrimps, and crabs. These are high on other important nutrients like omega-3 fats and vitamins.


Next on the list is the meat of all kinds except the ones that are processed like sausages as they have the extra carb in them. While being on keto, it is safe to have meat but it is also crucial to keep a check on the proportion of meat you are taking. Meat is high on proteins, which can hinder the process of ketosis. Hence, take meat in small amounts.


If you are a person who takes breakfast seriously, then eggs must be a fundamental part of your plate. The good thing about keto diet is that you don’t have to avoid eggs, and can take them in any form, be it boiled, poached or omelets. You can enjoy your favorite kind, and if you get organic ones then it is the best option as well!


Veggies are a must to have as they are full of various nutrients. However, what has to be considered is when you are observing keto it is important to include the vegetables that are grown above the ground and are green. You may stir fry them or make a salad of your choice and have vital nutrients.


When considering what to eat, it is also important to note what you drink. Many people give up their daily caffeine consumption when on a diet, but that’s not a keto requirement. You can easily have coffee and tea but make sure not to add any sugar to them. You can even add milk or cream but in small quantity.

Final words

There are various myths related to keto. You can brush them off the table if you have the right information. Various people have successfully observed the diet, and achieved their goals and so can you. Keep a proper count of the calorie intake. Make sure your diet consists of good fat and is low on carbs.