Aging is a woman’s worst nightmare. Compared to men, the female gender ages way faster and in a worse way. Healthwise women are often at more risk and the physical as well as sexual changes that aging introduces to them can be quite anxiety-inducing.

To help you be a step ahead and prevent common issues that most women face, we’ve compiled a list. Read this list of 6 ways a woman’s life changes between the age bracket of 45 to 65 that can be quite difficult to deal with:

1 – Heart Problems

For women, cardiovascular issues are quite a grave concern. Women may experience high blood pressure and cholesterol levels when they reach middle age or even before that. However, on-time checkups can prevent your health from deteriorating further. To prevent your cardiovascular health from going downhill, pay attention to your diet from a young age and monitor your blood pressure.

2 – Sleep Issues

Did you know that women tend to face sleep problems more than men? They are unable to get proper rest due to responsibilities related to taking care of their family and children. This often means their sleep is compromised. They have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Some even experience insomnia. In this regard, maintain good sleep hygiene because lack of sleep shares a link with several health problems including obesity and diabetes type II.

3 – Loneliness

A lot of women also battle loneliness as they age. This is particularly true for those who choose to remain unmarried. The lack of a partner added with missing social support and few friends all of whom happen to be busy can give rise to loneliness. Moreover, as children start getting older they may move out which chips in more loneliness. Considering how loneliness can have many detrimental effects on your physical and mental health, one great solution is to adopt a pooch.

4 – Physical Changes

Even the thought of sagging breasts can be depressing. The age when your body starts showing such changes varies from person to person, however, the physical effects of aging are all the more prominent when you enter your forties. You may notice more wrinkles and changes in your weight as well. It is best to carry on with regular exercise to stay fit and have a good skincare routine in place to keep your confidence intact.

5 – Hampered Mobility

Backaches start visiting more frequently in as early as your 30’s. However, your mobility gets seriously affected when your joints start to erode as it happens in osteoporosis. Due to menopause, a lot of women experience bone-related problems in their middle years. Prevent this by maintaining a healthy diet and fetching an ample amount of vitamin D from the sun regularly.

6 – Financial Challenges

Surprisingly, most women are not enough well prepared for old age. They don’t expect to live very long but when they do, the burden of monetary expenses can be quite tough to deal with. After all, savings get drained and can only last for so long. This is why it is best to start a profitable business and work harder while you still can, to be able to save a good amount for post-retirement living expenses.

You could say that the only way to lower the risk of these scenarios is by taking time for yourself and caring for yourself. Often in the hustle bustle of everyday, women put their own selves last. Don’t do that; focus on your health as well, exercise, and engage in self-care practices along with ensuring you save enough for old age.

So, these were some common problems women struggle with as they climb up the age ladder. Do you have any more that you think this list should add? Tell us in the comments’ section.