In the list of the many oils from coconut oil, almond oil to olive oil, a popular one is castor oil. Driven from castor seeds, the pale-yellow liquid boasts a rich antioxidant profile that makes it great for your skin and hair. Castor oil is packed with vitamin E as well as omega 6 and 9 fatty acids.

It can accelerate hair growth, make skin suppler, as well as erase signs of aging such as hair greying, wrinkles, and pigmentation. To dive in depth, here is a look at some of the benefits you can experience by using castor oil for your skin and hair:

1 – Clears off acne

Who doesn’t hate acne? Regardless of what age it shows up in, acne brings trouble and sadness. Castor oil is one natural remedy that can help. It contains fatty acids that restore moisture in the skin. Apply castor oil on your facial skin gently, in upward and inward clockwise circles. Leave it on for the night and then wash off in the morning.

2 – Wipes off wrinkles

Another way castor oil can benefit your skin is that it can erase wrinkles. It does this by penetrating to the deepest layer of the skin and stimulating collagen production. The oil also hydrates your skin. The rejuvenation process it triggers makes skin softer and smoother. To wave goodbye to wrinkles, apply castor oil on them and let it rest overnight before rinsing it off in the morning.

3 – Moisturizes and eliminates dryness

Castor oil, as mentioned above, can hydrate skin. It encourages moisture balance which is why it is great for when your skin is dry due to pollution, stress or climate change. You can also massage on castor oil on your feet or other dry skin patches. The oil locks moisture and minimizes dryness by nourishing skin.

4 – Makes hair healthier

Oiling is great for your hair as it encourages blood flow thanks to the massage and also revitalizes hair follicles. You can use castor oil for enriching your scalp. The oil’s omega-6 fatty acids boost blood circulation. Unlike other oils, castor oil deeply nourishes hair as it doesn’t just work externally. It promotes hair growth, moisturizes hair and gives them a radiant shine.

5 – Prevents hair fall

Hair fall always scares. It makes you question what if you become bald? Luckily, castor oil doesn’t only trigger hair growth, but it also keeps your hair from falling by strengthening it. It basically strengthens the roots which is how it prevents the natural plucking of your hair from the scalp. So, if you’re struggling with hair loss, you know what to use.