There is a lot that comes with planning related to the festive season. There’s extensive shopping that needs to be done, lot of groceries to do, and tons of presents to buy. Improper planning can leave you knee-deep in stress and last minute preparations.

Undeniably, all this can leave its negative imprint on your brain, easily culminating into stress. To prevent this though, here are some useful, easy-to-follow tips for maintaining your mental sanity throughout the holiday season.

1. Maintain a balance in the food you consume

The holidays are often synonymous with over-indulgence. This can easily reach a finale of weight gain. At the same time, the desire to shed the extra pounds before the new year clock strikes can leave you in a tug-of-war of thoughts and desires.

To save yourself, try to maintain a balance between vegetables, fruits, proteins, omega-3s, and carbohydrates in your diet. This will keep your energy levels high as well as help maintain your physical fitness.

What’s more, a healthy and well-balanced diet can enhance your mood and can assist in preventing lethargy symptoms. It also prevents irritability that comes with the winter season.

2. Don’t forget to budget in advance

There is a lot of expenditure that comes in this season. There are lots of presents to buy. Similarly, some of you may even be traveling, which sips in money from your wallet. Matters can quickly get out of hand if you tend to overspend, adding to the stress.

To this end, budget properly. Chalk out a plan to spend and spend your money only according to it. Lastly, try to spend cash only. This will stop you from overextending yourself.

3. Plan your alcohol intake

Just as you plan your cash flow, devise a plan for your alcohol consumption as well. On occasions such as these, it is common to over-indulge in drinking. Remind yourself that you don’t have to drink at every party.

Therefore, before you attend a party, make a mental plan that highlights what you will drink and when you will drink it. Pace yourself and try to take a non-alcoholic drink with an alcohol-containing one.

This may sound tough but it is worth it. Over-consumption of alcohol causes several health problems. it can also leave you feeling more stressed than the usual. It may feel that the drink is reducing your stress. However, in the long haul, it only causes damage.

4. Don’t overschedule

Throughout the year, we end up hustling and bustling, trying to manage work. During the holidays, it is great to connect with people. This has its positive benefits as well. However, if you overschedule yourself to meet and greet, you are not giving yourself time to relax. Instead, you will be spreading yourself too thin, which adds to your stress and anxiety.

Thus, set realistic expectations. Prioritize your time and by honest with yourself about how many parties you can make it to. In sum, don’t overschedule. Relax and set a balanced pace during the festive season to keep your mental sanity intact.

5. Don’t neglect exercise

In all the social gatherings, food indulgences, presents exchanges, and other holiday traditions, it is common to put exercise on the backburner. However, physical activity releases endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals.

These help you relax and improve your mood. So, don’t adopt a sedentary lifestyle during the festivities. Stay active and undertake tasks that add to your physical activity. For instance, join Christmas games, go for a walk in the park, or go cycling. This will help decrease depression, lessens anxiety, and improves self-esteem as well.