We’re so focused on being busy doing other things that we often forget to pay attention to the most important aspect of our lives – our health. Talking about health, just adding veggies, fruits and more water in your routine is not enough. If you want to protect your health and live a better lifestyle, you should direct some of your focus on your environment as well.

And while you cannot control how the atmosphere outside your home is, inside you’re the boss. Since your room is your private sanctuary, you should be mindful of its setting. You should put in a conscious effort to ensure that your room is relaxing rather than stress-inducing. After all, it’s the place where you spend most of your time.

Let’s not beat about the bush and get to the point. Below we’ve explored 5 ways you can keep your room healthy.

Paint the walls a neutral shade

Did you know that colors have an impact on how you perceive things? They do. Blue color promotes trust, while green is a sign of peace. Yellow signifies creativity whereas black reflects evil or sorrow. Red, on the other hand, signifies energy.

Interior designers recommend keeping the colors of your bedroom walls a neutral shade that induces tranquility. You can stick to a grey or green. Green doesn’t strain the eyes which is why it would be a better choice.

Bright colors reflect too much activity which is why lighter shades are preferred. If you’d rather go for a color that strikes a balance between upbeat and calming, purple would be a good option. However, while choosing a color palette you should also focus on the color theme of the rest of your house and furniture.

House an indoor plant

You are not safe from pollution even when enclosed in your home’s walls. Pollution runs freely indoors as well. Good thing, there is a natural solution to get rid of toxins in the air. You see, there are several indoor plants that clean the air up.

Studies have found out that there are about 50 plants that can serve this purpose. These include peace lily, which freshens the air and Aloe Vera that works to finish off certain airborne chemicals. Mother-in-law’s tongue, also known as the snake plant, is another indoor plant that you can place inside your room.

This one doesn’t only clear the air of chemicals. It also promotes better and more relaxed sleep. The best part is that it doesn’t even require too much maintenance. In the same way, there are several other indoor plants that you can choose from.

Don’t clean your room with chemicals

It’s ironic how chemical-based heath-harming detergents are meant to wipe off dust and make the room appear cleaner. A good advice? Do not clean your room with chemical-laden products. You are only putting your health at risk.

Moreover, they also have a negative impact on the environment. Opt for plant-based products over those that have petroleum in their composition. You can also simply go for other DIY options of cleaning. Only a few ingredients such as water, lemon, baking soda, soap, etc. can be helpful in this regard. There are several videos online that can help you out.

An easy way to avoid dangerous products is to always read the label for telltale signs. If a cleaning product has ‘poison,’ ‘hazardous,’ or other such terms or phrases written on it, those words are your cue to let the product be.

Take care of your mattress

Don’t end your room cleaning routine at just changing your bedclothes. Along with that, get your bedding washed as well at least every two weeks. Furthermore, make sure that you spin your mattress as well. Rotate your mattress every three months at 180 degrees.

Your back will thank you for the little effort that you put in. Don’t just stop there; also wash your mattress on a regular basis. You don’t have to drag the entire thing and soak it up in soap. There are simpler and better ways you can find for keeping your mattress clean.

It is necessary to clean your mattress every two months. This way, all the accumulated bacteria, allergens, etc. would be knocked out. An unclean mattress can contribute to asthma or acne. You would definitely not want to deal with any such conditions.

Don’t let light make sleep leave

Light can interfere with your sleep if you allow it to. Sleep loss can not only cause frustration and laziness the next day, but it has also been associated with obesity, memory problems, cancers and a whole lot of other health concerns.

This is why you should go for heftier curtains. Sheer curtains allow light inside which can work to ward off sleep. Unless your window does not face the city lights and you wake up with the sun, it is a better idea to install curtains that block out light completely.

If you cannot afford to change the drapes in your room right now and you have found that the light they let in disturbs your sleep, simply invest in an eye mask. Just do not compromise on your sleep and let it adversely influence your health.


Your responsibility in taking care of your health is not limited to eating the right foods. In fact, you should also be sure that the environment that you live in is healthy. Start with your room. Keep an indoor plant that sucks in toxins and cleans the air, install heavy curtains that block out the light when you are asleep and paint the walls a neutral, soothing color. Also, spin and clean your mattress regularly and don’t make use of chemical-based cleaning products that can harm your health.