When a man finds a woman whom he wants to spend forever with, he keeps making efforts to ensure he doesn’t lose her. To keep her around, he brings out his best version. And, no, he doesn’t get bored or tired of loving her. But how do you even know that he loves you enough to never want to lose you? Lookout for these 5 signs he’s afraid of losing you:

1 – He takes cares of your needs

A man who is afraid of losing you is a man who truly loves you. Such a man makes sure that all your needs are met. Sure, you’re a big independent girl who can fetch for herself whatever she needs.

But men have this instinct to fix problems, so if you ever have a need that you can’t help yourself with, your serious gentleman who doesn’t want to lose you will be there to assist. Whether you need some food because you’re sick or you want someone who can plumb leaking faucets, this man will always be there to help, even if you’ve not been very nice to him lately.

2 – He doesn’t extend fights

A man who doesn’t want to lose you wouldn’t stretch any fights or arguments that you have with him. Even if you cross all boundaries of decency, he will try to contain his disappointment. He will wait for your anger to pass and wouldn’t want to ruin his relationship with you because of petty matters. Don’t ever take such a man for granted, he’s surely a keeper!

Even when you two disagree on small matters, he would prefer to keep things calm between you both. And when you fight, he doesn’t prolong the problem. Instead, he seeks to solve it as soon as possible. He doesn’t cause unnecessary issues either and doesn’t let minor problems keep him away from you for too long.

3 – He makes plans with you

Another sign a man doesn’t want to lose you is that he wouldn’t miss a chance to spend time with you. He always has you on his mind and wishes to be on yours too. This man doesn’t even want to give you the slightest moment to doubt him or his loyalty.

For this, he makes plans with you. Plans that involve more than just being physically intimate with. Plans that he is sure you would enjoy. Sometimes he’s even ready to cancel his plans to make time for you.

4 – He genuinely cares about you

When a man is serious about you and wants to have you around forever, not only his words, but his actions also show that he cares. This man makes certain that you are never upset and for that reason, he carefully handles your feelings and needs.

In fact, even if you are worried about your friends or family, this man will try to make things easier for them to the best of his abilities because he doesn’t want to see you sad or troubled.

5 – He spoils you

Last but not the least, while normally people only give gifts on special occasions, a person who doesn’t want to lose you doesn’t wait for special occasions. He always gives you gifts and sometimes you think he’s going to spoil you.

The gifts don’t have to be expensive. He will do whatever he can afford to make you happy. However, don’t think that just because he doesn’t give you presents all the time, he doesn’t love you enough. This point depends a lot on his financial situation. So, even if he doesn’t forget to buy you that chocolate you love regularly, know that he’s so true to you that he is actually afraid of losing you.