Imagine stepping into a bathtub that has colored water, some glitter, and lovely scent that instantly makes you think of heaven. That’s one experience that you can get by using bath bombs. Bath bombs are a round ball of natural ingredients and sometimes also include glitter or other sprinkles.

Bath bombs are relatively new on the market; they were introduced 20 years ago by LUSH. Today, these can be made at home as well. Interestingly, bath bombs are natural which explains why and how they can be made at home.

These bathroom favorites include a mix of salts and essentials oils along with some other organic ingredients. Their natural composition makes them suitable for even sensitive skin. They don’t contain any chemicals and are also typically vegan. Free of animal byproducts, these modern toilet essentials aren’t tested on animals either.

The bath products come in different flavors, colors, and aromas so you have a wide variety to choose from. Wondering why you should consider bath bombing your baths? Here are 5 solid reasons that explain why bath bombs are worthwhile:

1 – Relieve stress and promote peace

Submerging in a tub to burn off the stress of the day is undoubtedly one of the best experiences which you can chase on a daily basis. But if you want to give yourself the full spa treatment, don’t miss out on bath bombs. Coming in a variety of aromas and flavors, bath bombs instantly transport you to your best memories.

The mix of essential oils in salts and other organic ingredients takes your bath to the next level. Above all a bath bomb bathing session is a sensory experience. It calms your mind and gently takes worries off your shoulders. So, now you know what you can do to relax by yourself without selling your kidneys.

2 – Do wonders for your skin

Bath bombs are filled with ingredients that work to benefit your skin. They balance the oils on your skin and moisturize it as well. From making it softer and suppler to rehydrating it, bath bombs work for your skin much like how a good body wash does. There’s only one difference – bath bombs are made using natural ingredients while other bathing products are chemical-based.

So, if you want to walk out of the tub feeling better, more nourished skin, one way to go about this is by dropping some bath bombs in the water. Since bath bombs comprise of only nature-sourced components, there is no fear of negative side effects of use. It is unlikely that anyone who has healthy skin would have any nasty reaction by the use of a bath bomb.

3 – Bless your health

Apart from giving your mental health a much-needed kiss, bath bombs are also amazing because they have some ability to improve your health. The wow aroma that comes off a bath bomb makes you feel a lot calmer as well as can boost your lungs somewhat. Then there are anti-inflammatory benefits that accompany the addition of specific salts.

You must have heard that sea water naturally heals inflammation of the skin. The effect of bath bombs is more or less the same. However, the healing and health benefiting properties of a bath bomb are dependent on what ingredients it contains. They say the use of bath bombs is also good for your blood vessels.

4 – Nicely clean you up

There are two special ingredients in bath bombs. One is sodium bicarbonate and the other is citric acid. These two ingredients work effectively to cleanse your skin thoroughly. They also repair your skin and leave it deodorized. Looking at how most of us stroll around in a pollution contaminated environment for long stretches of the day, this benefit is important.

Not caring about the dirt and grime that gets absorbed in your skin can result in a higher risk of diseases. So, clearly apart from the benefit of smelling great, bath bombs are also a great addition to your toiletries for sanitary reasons. Sure, you can only use soap, but something a bit extra doesn’t kill, does it?

5 – Give you a luxurious time

Another pro that bath bombs grant is that they give you a lovely time. You get out of the tub feeling fresh after a comforting experience. Normally, to get such a great experience you expect to have to spend a whole lot of cash. But with bath bombs you can easily replicate an expensive experience. If you don’t feel like going out or are lacking money, go for bath bombs.

To make your experience even better, you can also surround your tub with scented candles. As it is hot water baths come with benefits for your skin and mental health. They don’t only relieve you of anxiety, but they also happen to relax your muscles. Add a bath bomb to the mix and you’ll come out feeling happier.

So, this wraps up our list of reasons why bath bombs should be a part of your bathroom. Do you love these bath products? Which ones are your favorite?