From his hypnotizing acting to his chilling smile, actor Jake Gyllenhaal is one who has proved himself to be perfect in every way. He’s one of those artists whom you just cannot hate because he’s just that fine a man, that fine an actor. There are just so many reasons to gush after him. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons why we just love him to bits. Let’s get started:

1 – He’s a shape-shifting, talent-filled, ace actor

Jake Gyllenhaal is unlike any other actor on the big screen. In fact, many of his fans believe that he deserves an Oscar which, unfortunately and surprisingly, he has not won yet despite being nominated a couple of times. Just take a look at how diverse the roles he plays are and you’d be left supremely impressed with his resume.

From Prisoners to Nightcrawler to Southpaw to Spiderman: Far from Home, in each movie the actor adopts a new personality smoothly. He’s been a villain, a hero, a romantic, a flirt, whatnot! The best part is that he doesn’t mind losing and gaining weight to wear the cloak of the characters that he plays. Truly, a legend.

2 – He looks a bit too good

Gyllenhaal is not only popular because of his acting skills, but also because he’s an absolute winner in the looks department. Just look at those big, deep, and expressive eyes that keep switching between blue and green colors! Honestly, such a swoon-worthy man.

Look at old pictures from when he was younger, and you’ll see where we’re coming from. But this doesn’t mean that age has not been kind to the 38-year-old. If anything, Gyllenhaal has aged like fine wine. Even those wrinkles from his gorgeous smile suit him. He looks super-hot even with a buzzcut.

3 – He’s got a killer sense of humor

Check out Jake Gyllenhaal’s interviews online and you would be delighted. This man knows how to use humor. Also, he’s very confident on camera, someone who we assume has great social skills in person. He doesn’t mind joking with younger co-stars either as you can guess from his chemistry with Tom Holland.

He’s also got the coolest best friends. Jake Gyllenhaal is a close buddy of Ryan Reynold’s as well as Hugh Jackman. These three often poke fun at each other on Instagram which is why theirs is a friendship that belongs at the top of the list of #BFF goals. In fact, just follow Jake on Instagram or look for his comments on the posts of his friends and you’ll be giggling goofily.

4 – He’s a family man at heart

The Prince of Persia actor may still be a bachelor without even a single wife on his relationship-list, but that doesn’t mean he’s a womanizer. This is one family-oriented man we’re talking about. Sure, he has dated a couple of high-profile celebrities from Natalie Portman to Taylor Swift.

However, he’s not settled with any because that’s just what life hasn’t planned for him yet. Reports said that his and Reese Witherspoon’s breakup happened because he wanted to tie the knot and settle down. But Reese had other plans which is why it didn’t work out between them. This shows his nature. The cutest part? He’s pretty close to his sister, Maggie’s children.

5 – He’s pure talent, no cheap promotion

Last but not the least, Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t use his private life as a means to attract more eyeballs. You don’t see him in the news every day. If anything, this man is pretty private. Even though he’s a fit hit and everyone loves him, he manages to majorly avoid paparazzi.

You don’t see him caught in scandals all the time. He’s in the headlines for all the right reasons and is never actually offensive. Gyllenhaal doesn’t even discuss his past relationships. In fact, in one interview he said, “I would love to not talk about my personal life.”

So, this sums up our list of reasons why we cannot get over Jake Gyllenhaal. Do you agree with all these reasons? Which other reasons would you like to add? Tell us in the comments.