You didn’t expect pregnancy to be easy, did you? Bet you didn’t. Apart from all the new thoughts and emotions bubbling, there are massive physical changes that you go through. Unfortunately, though, you don’t completely bounce back to your pre-pregnancy, girl-form following your delivery.

A lot of the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy are temporary from enlarged breasts to hair at odd places. But plenty are also here to stay, whether you like it or not.

So, which changes in your body are these that don’t revert at all? Let’s jump into this below:

1 – Feet

It’s not uncommon to experience swelling in the feet during 9 months of creating a new life. For some women this change is permanent. Furthermore, the extra weight you gain also puts pressure on your feet which can flatten the arch.

This results in your feet increasing slightly in length. Of course, your old shoe size doesn’t fit you anymore and you have to go for at least one number up for the sake of comfort. So, while you can toss your XL pregnancy clothes to the back of the cupboard, the new shoe size is what you’ll probably live with forever.

2 – Hips

During pregnancy, women’s pelvic bone structure changes. Thank the hormone relaxin for this as it  is responsible for stretching joints and ligaments in preparation for pushing out the baby. This effect causes the hips to widen by a bit.

The pelvis bone is not bouncing back to its pre-pregnancy size after your delivery so you can expect your hips to stay a little wider than before. While some ladies are able to notice this change because their jeans doesn’t fit them quite like before, others cannot note the change at all.

3 – Breasts

Another place where you might notice changes that can be annoying but permanent? Yep, that would be your breasts. During pregnancy, your breasts expand. However, this doesn’t mean that you would get the curvy body of your dreams.

For some women, their breasts get bigger, while for others they get smaller. Some may notice that they can fit in the same cup size post-pregnancy. What’s a given though is that the breasts can get comparatively droopier which really pokes a hole in your I-am-going-to-get-curvier imagination.

4 – Stretch Marks

Next up, there are stretch marks that you will have to welcome with open arms. Your skin stretches to accommodate a whole baby and while it can get back in shape after you give birth, don’t have high hopes as to regain the same body you once had.

While stretch marks fade overtime, this time is usually as long as two or more years. Furthermore, they fade but may never completely vanish. You’ll get stretch marks as a pregnancy accompanier regardless of how much weight you put on during those months. Plus, know that your tummy is not the only place that can collect stretch marks. Your thighs, arms, butt, and boobs can as well.

5 – Weight

Most women will not like to hear this, but we all have to make peace with the reality, right? Right. Post-pregnancy, your weight will not be the same as before. You may not be able to bounce back to your weight before nine months of so much hard work.

Typically, women gain up to 5 pounds after pregnancy and this weight doesn’t go. Sure, some women are able to return back to the size they were before. You may even think that 1 or 2 kg is not much weight gain at all but wait – when you go through more pregnancies, this weight collects. And it gets harder, for some impossible, to lose.

So, that was our list of the 5 biggest physical changes that are likely to be permanent after pregnancy. Don’t fret though, there’s a lot good that comes with motherhood too and you’ll be able to cope well with all the changes.