If you are a 90s kid, I must say you are a lucky chap.

Lucky to have explored some of the best music scenes that the Pakistani Music Industry had to offer, fortunate enough to see the most exquisite music videos ever, and extremely blessed to have witnessed to view the glory of the Pakistani music industry.

In case the new trend of remixing the old songs into new ones has made you sick to the core, here is a glimpse of the past. I have listed down five of the most beautiful pop songs of the Pakistani Music Industry, which will trigger your nostalgia for sure.

1. Fariha Pervez – Patangbaaz Sajna

23 years have passed since this song was released and still it is enjoyable to the core. Faiha Pervez is the melody queen who has given countless songs to the music lovers. Each of her songs is different from the other and known for beautiful lyrics.

2. Uchiyan Majajan- Jawad Ahmed

If you have forgotten, I would like to remind you that Jawad Ahmed, before he ventured into politics, was a singer. At the time when the Punjabi songs were quite a fashion, Jawad Ahmed, with his quirky lyrics became a household name in the Music Industry.

uchiyan majajan jawad ahmed - YouTube


3. Purani Jeans Or Guitar – Ali Haider

This is the song which was quite popular amongst the youth of the 90s. The college-going students could relate to the lyrics of this song quite well. With this song, Ali Haider got instant fame, which stayed intact for many years.

Purani Jeans MP3 Song Download- Gore Rang Ka Zamana - Best Of Ali Haider Purani  Jeans (पुरानी जींस) Song by Ali Haider on Gaana.com

4. Kangna – Shahzad Roy 

Shahzad Roy, known for his ultimate boy charm, used to make some really good songs in the 90s. One of the most famous songs offered by him to the audience is Kangana. What made it even more memorable was its beautiful video.

Ah, simpler times..

Tera Kangna Jab Khankay (Shehzad Roy) - YouTube

5. Nazia Hassan – Ankhein milanay walay

Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan were surely the most famous singers of the 90s. These siblings brought a new taste in the Pakistani Music Industry and made sure that each song that they would create would be different from what others have to offer.
Nazia Hassan Famous Songs (Video)