Just suffered through a breakup? Failed an exam? Or is it that you are just an introvert who prefers solitude to the noise of parties? Whatever your reason for deciding to hole up on your couch in your pajamas for Christmas break, we’ve got a list ready for you of the movies you can watch these holidays while everyone else sings to lure Santa in. Because nothing beats alone time spent reading an incredible book or watching a picturing-meself-as-the-hero movie. With snacks of course.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Secret agents, crazy people, an evil enemy who prefers to cook meals in her leisure time and lots of funny dialogues, the second installment of Kingsman is worth your movie-time. The first part Kingsman: The Secret Service came out in 2014 and after that everyone was waiting anxiously for the next one.

And it is out this year managing to be anything but boring. In this part, Eggsy’s accent gets hotter. He finds his headquarters bombed to the ground, his love life at a risk, with only one ally by his side. The tailors from London pair up with the Statesmen of America and thus starts a mission of taking the villain queen down while the entire world is held, hostage.

There is a lot at stake but luckily one brave agent is resurrected in this movie while the rest of them rest in peace. Make sure that if you do end up watching this movie, you don’t have a burger for dinner. You’ll regret your decision.


Hugh Jackman serves the X-Men franchise for the last time in this movie and leaves you to mourn this sad news in the pool of your very own tears. Logan is all things the audience expected it to be; an action-packed, sci-fi thriller with a barrel full of feels. The movie is set in the distant future, with Logan hiding out, avoiding the world and taking care of a very sick Professor Xavier.

But he has to leave the safety of staying indoors at odd places when he meets a young mutant who for some reason reminds him of the person he has been. He does everything in his will, no matter how reluctantly (Logan-style) to protect this child and his identity. But the evil forces of the plot have something else in store for him. And you.

Prepare to experience yourself holding back a dam of tears waiting to explode. We suggest you keep a pack or two of tissues by your side.

Baby Driver

Oh, baby! See Ansel Elgort being his usual amazing self in this movie that will make you want to create music on your own. Even if you quite obviously, don’t have the talent. Unlike what the name suggests, this movie is not about a baby driving through the streets and winning a race competition. It’s about a kid who is in trouble for being trouble.

Point to be noted: stay away from thugs. Baby (the lead character played by Ansel) is a getaway driver for a notorious group of criminals. He heavily depends on his soundtrack, the playlist with music that he creates himself, to ace his game. But then he meets his Cinderella (played by Lily James) and decides to ditch this dark life for good and start anew.

Alas, things never go as planned. And like a dark memory, his bad boss pulls him back into the business. Now Baby must be a man and save himself and all that is at stake.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot steals hearts and weapons to kill an unexpected villain in this movie. If you’re all about women wearing a superhero costume for a change, this movie is for you. Filled with action, silly questions asked by Princess Diana and a twist that you wouldn’t see coming, Wonder Woman is a movie that you should watch if you haven’t already.

This movie was the one most tweeted about this year and before jogging into 2018, you should send out a tweet or two too. Before heading out to the real world to find her enemies, Princess Diana lives and trains on a protected, hidden-from-the-human-eye island. Until one day a pilot breaks through the barrier and Diana learns about the war raging outside.

The trained warrior that she is and the values that she carries, Diana decides to go on her own and eliminate the threat. She fights alongside men and on the way, learns more about herself and the world.

The Circle

Ever just wondered how social media is taking over lives? This movie takes it all to the next level. You get to see Emma Watson as Mae Holland a commoner who fetches herself a job with the world’s leading tech and SM company. This one is for all those who want to watch a movie that is not too complicated but not fluffy either.

Getting back to the movie, Mae feels she is the luckiest and tries her best to fit it and make friends at her new office. But in the process of the experiment that she becomes a part of, she gets absorbed in this all so much so that she begins to lose those she loves.

Not only does she start risking the privacy and freedom of her loved ones but of herself too. Lost and confused, she takes steps to set the game right.