People have proof that Shawn Mendes is in love with Camila Cabello

By now you must have watched the video of Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes’ latest single, Señorita. And you must have also noticed the chemistry and all those sparks flying between them. But of course, they were probably doing it for the cameras. Right? Right.

Regardless, people couldn’t help but notice how these two, despite denying any romantic relationship, just put out the hottest video of 2019 for the public to watch. Jokes were made with people responding to Shawn and Camila’s comments of being just friends with “but friends don’t know how you taste.”

But, but if you are an avid YouTube watcher you must be aware that this is not the first time the Shawmila ship has sailed. In fact, these two have been paired as a couple so much in love before as well. People have several times before spotted that there’s definitely something more than mere friendship between them.


To top all the already there speculation, behind-the-scenes clips of Senorita were released and now people have proof in the form of both the BTS videos that these two are definitely flirting, if not dating. To help you see what eagle-eyed fans are seeing, here’s a list of moments and reasons from these videos that make you believe that Shawmila either exists or is waiting to happen!

1 – People think Shawn Mendes gets shy in front of Camila Cabello

Fans think that Shawn Mendes leaving the room after every scene and smiling coyly for a whole of 6 minutes which means throughout the entire first BTS video of their new song is because of Camila. In fact, at 3:42 you can notice Camila’s mother saying “I love that” in response to their intimate-ish shot and Shawn says a “yeah” to that and walks out.

However, perhaps we shouldn’t just look too much into this whole Shawn being shy situation because Shawn Mendes has always been a nervous guy. You can check out this guy’s other videos for confirmation.

2 – Fans think Shawn looks at Camila a certain way

Another thing fans have spotted is the way Shawn looks at Camila. In the second video of the BTS snaps, Mendes can be seen looking quite intensely at Camila at 4:30. In fact, some people think that he was also blushing at this point.

Another moment to notice is when Shawn is looking at Camila at 3:02 in the second video but when she looks at him, he looks away. Are we all reading too much into this? Or is Mendes literally doing what shy lads do when they are spellbound by their crush? Can’t say for sure but we won’t lie, we totally ship them too!


3 – Some think these two kissed for the video

In the second video, at about 2:17, you can notice that Camila and Shawn’s faces are very close but hidden behind the camera. The camera’s footage can give you some insight into what’s happening but not much can be caught.

Some people think that they are both kissing here. Others think that while it looks like a kiss, its just a peck on the cheek. Either way, the moment is obviously steamy. As one commenter wrote, “If you slow 2:18 down to 0.25x speed you can see Shawn and Camila kissing in the camera.”

4 – Shawn actually used the words “naughty” and “babe” for Camila

We heard what you did there Shawn. In one scene when Camila Cabello moves away from Shawn Mendes while shooting but then turns to look at him with a mischievous look in her eyes, Shawn can be heard saying “she’s naughty” to the person standing beside him.

Moreover, at another point he also calls her “babe.” Now this babe thing doesn’t have to mean anything because people have noticed that Shawn Mendes uses terms like “honey” while addressing random people.

5 – Camila’s mom also ships them both

Fans think that it is obvious that Camila Cabello’s mother, who can be seen on the set for the entire shoot, also ships the two. Not only is she totally okay with their hot make out scenes but she’s also noted hooting them!

Now, now does this have to mean that she ships them as a couple? Maybe she just really loves their friendship. Also, it can be that she’s really just enjoying the whole deal. Which mum wouldn’t be happy to see her daughter pursing more and more success in her career?

That’s all folks. Do you think they’re in love, dating or just friends?