The last season might have been an unexpected hit, but the second installment of You that was released on Netflix only last week definitely was destined to win fans over. What’s a pleasant surprise is that despite having the same creepy, dark romance as a central part of the plot in the next season as in the first, the showrunners still managed to make the theme completely different and even more captivating.

This new season followed the central character, Joe Goldberg, making his move from New York to Los Angeles for the purpose of outrunning his past. In LA, Joe comes across a cute baker girl who seems to be as desperate for love as he is himself. To his own shock though, Love Quinn, his new obsession is awfully dark. Turns out, she’s not only understanding of his motives of killing people, she’s a murder herself.

Now with most of us having already binged the thriller, of course there are several theories we have of what could be the theme of the next season. Yes, Penn Badgley has confirmed that there is going to be a season 3 of You. If you’ve already watched season 2 then you’re welcome to read what we think could happen in the upcoming season. Let’s get started:

1 – Love would actually be pregnant with Milo’s baby

If you are a murderer you could also be a liar, right? If Love Quinn is anything like her lover, it wouldn’t be surprising if she was actually lying about being pregnant with Joe’s baby. You see, Love said that she was expecting his child when she was under threat.

She had already noticed that Joe had a sharp object and when he took it out and put it to her neck, she immediately blurted out that she was pregnant. It’s possible that to save herself she said that she was pregnant with his baby even though in truth she was expecting Milo’s child.

2 – The real Will Bettelheim will make a comeback

What was basically an unexpected minor twist in the show was that Joe let the real Will Bettelheim go. That’s not something that Joe has a knack for doing as anyone who has watched both the seasons would know.

And no, the real Will didn’t have some small role in the show. In fact, after the first few episodes in which he appeared, he had a scene in one toward the end as well. This shows that this character surely has a future in the show. Perhaps he’ll be Joe’s ally in the beginning only to eventually turn against him after uncovering the evil person he truly is.

3 – Joe’s mother will make an appearance

Some people think that the woman at the end whom Joe is stalking is actually his mother. Internet users have come to the conclusion that Joe finally had the time to track his mother again only to find that she is living a completely different life.

While his neighbor could be someone else as well rather than his mother, if the show showed so much of Joe’s past it wouldn’t be surprising that his mother will make an appearance in the third season. After all, Joe never said that she was dead.

4 – Love will try to kill Joe or vice versa

One thing that season 2 made clear was that Joe and Love were both psychopaths who were not beyond killing people when they were threatened. If Joe does end up having another affair it wouldn’t be surprising if Love would try to kill him in the very way he killed Beck.

Wouldn’t that serve Joe right? Other than this, it could also be that after Love gives birth to their daughter, Joe will try to kill her and replace the child’s mother. This also makes sense because Joe was truly creeped out by the person he found out Love to be.

5 – Ellie will come back

Joe has a thing for teenage kids who are lost. This is why he has kept in touch with Ellie after Delilah’s death. In fact, he sends her money on a regular basis whenever she sends him a postcard informing that she is in need.

It’s very possible that Ellie will also make a comeback in season 3 of the show. Her entry would be a rather interesting thing to happen. She could bring the past with her, maybe open up who killed Delilah or just unknowingly become Joe’s supporter.

So, these were our top five theories of what could happen in season 3 of You. While we are sure that there would be a next season what we don’t know is when it will come out. Here’s to hoping that it’s out soon and we have it even better than the first two seasons.