December 9, 2021

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5 inevitable deals before the stock settles

In these first days of black silver, Amazon is bringing real dynamism to offers. Here are the things not to miss today.

Black Silver Fools on Amazon officially launched earlier this week. This Tuesday, France’s leading e-dealer surprised us with countless new high-quality flash offers. We have prepared the best upgraded selection with the best deals among all the merchants. You can find out below.

Below are the offers available for Singles Day (November 11). You must “add to cart” before that date and verify your order by 9:00 am on November 11th. Related codes guarantee you a strong discount in addition. Final prices will be released at 9:00 p.m.

  • RoboRock S7 409 பதிலாக instead of 549 11 (11AE60)
  • RoboRock S5 Max 304 பதிலாக instead of 560 € (11AE45)
  • RoboRock Diet 349 பதிலாக instead of 449
  • D30 dream 280 பதிலாக instead of 459 € (11AE45)
  • Mi Pad5 299 பதிலாக instead of 499 F (FRBON50)
  • Airboats2 € 99 instead of € 179 (FRBON30)
  • Airports Pro 160 பதிலாக instead of 279 € (FRAPPLE40)
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro 299 பதிலாக instead of 239 € (11AE30)
  • Realme GT Master Edition 244 பதிலாக (FRRE45) instead of 399
  • Poco X3 Pro 169 instead of € 299 (11AE30)
  • OnePlus Nord 2 314 பதிலாக instead of 399 11 (11AE45)
  • OnePlus 8T 256 Go 369 6 instead of 699 (11AE60)
  • OnePlus 9 256 Go 389 பதிலாக instead of 819 (11AE60)
  • Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro 128 பதிலாக instead of 299 € (FRBON30)
  • Xiaomi 3H Air Purifier 91 பதிலாக instead of 149 € (FRMI40)
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    In France, black silver has crushed all other events in e-commerce. Amazon led the wave a few years ago and was followed by all the big local players: Fnac and Darty, Boulanger but Cdiscount are more serious than ever for this version. Black silver also obscured historical functions such as winter sales. The French days are clearly side by side.

    If Amazon’s Black Friday is very successful, it’s connected with numerous offers and above all their quality. In fact, the American merchant and his colleagues were not satisfied with lowering the prices of aging and declining goods. They focus on fashionable brands. In the technical area, there are discounts on Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung.

    Black silver covering all types of products

    By reading our list above, you can see that we have selected mainly high tech offers. The truth is, black silver opens up all product types on Amazon. We look for discounts on themed products such as sports, fashion, makeup, beauty, health, gardening or DIY. Everyone can save money, so win.

    However, on the Internet, the technology type is more successful. It relates to products that are standardized and easy to purchase online. For this black silver, for example, we see Philips Hue, iPhone 13, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners or Echo Dot smart speakers from a completely new price.

    Amazon has promised us: every day until Friday, November 26 (this is the official date of Black Friday), which will delight us with new lightning deals. So you have to come regularly to scan the site – as well as all the other players. For those who do not have time, bookmark this page: We will continue to update the best projects of black silver.

    Yes the Black silver was imported by Amazon, Is far from the only trader exciting the month of November. Brand sites also compete in their offers. For example, the official store of Samsung, Xiaomi or Dyson in the home appliances segment already shows numerous discounts on most of their range. First come, first served.

    To see black silver offers, click here:

    See Amazon deals

    Amazon and many more

    Today, we have to recognize that black silver on Amazon and others lasts almost a month. Saves thousands of items throughout November. This avoids the big last-minute fuss on Black Friday (November 26) D-Day. Internet traders did not understand and support the breakdown of this event throughout November.

    Even before Black Friday, Amazon faces another big deal – not the least: single day. In recent years, this event, which takes place every November 11, has intensified in France. AliExpress, the spearhead, is disrupting the market with its communications and discounts. The group, the world leader in e-commerce, has a way of positioning itself in references in France. He is already in the top 5 in 2020.

    It takes place a single day before the actual black Friday. In terms of income generated, it is much larger than the latter, especially in Asian countries where it is a tradition. AliExpress, Amazon’s biggest competitor, has been drastically lowering the prices of the biggest specifications in the tech world. Apple is no exception, we have the most beautiful brands in Asia: Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus but Roborock.

    The difference between Black Friday on Amazon and Single Day on AliExpress is as follows: In the latter case, the offers are already announced upstream. If you go to the AliExpress site now, you can see all the discounts that take place on November 11, 2021 from 9:00 am. To ensure availability, it is now mandatory to place the products in the basket. That day everything will happen in a few minutes. If you waste too much time adding it to the cart this time, the stock will no longer be available.

    Real flexibility for income

    When it comes to Christmas gifts, it is important to have the flexibility to deliver missed gifts. Cdicount, Fnac or Boulanger limit is 14 days (legal minimum). With a purchase in November, you will not be able to get a refund after the end of the year holiday. At Amazon, to increase black silver, the strategy is very different: the trial period has been extended to January 31, 2022. So you can buy now for Christmas without stress.

    However, there is one component to keep in mind this year: the share of black silver on Amazon is low. In this case, the manufacturers of physical materials are constrained by the global shortage of semiconductors. Globally, whatever the vehicle, information technology or technology, these processors are in short supply. Samsung, Xiaomi and Apple will be the first victims: the stock won’t hold up until Christmas. So buy as soon as possible.

    To see Black Silver, go here:

    See Amazon deals

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