In the later part of December, scientists noticed a mysterious illness which they initially thought was pneumonia. The virus was first detected in the Hubei province of China which remains to the center of the new coronavirus.

Even though the deadly ailment may seem like a hell of new sorts, the coronavirus was first detected in 1960. The zoonotic virus appeared as SARS and MERS in the last two decades. This latest wave of coronavirus is slightly different and has been termed as the 2019 novel coronavirus or nCoV.

It has symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath and in some cases, even pneumonia, and kidney failure. The virus can be life-threatening which is why it is such an alarming situation. Slowly, it has spread to other countries as well.

Though it has been more than a month to the introduction of nCoV, not everything about the virus is still known. This brings us to some myths that are being believed by people about this virus. Let’s bust 5 of the very common myths about coronavirus:

1 – Coronavirus is the most worrisome virus globally right now

Like the Ebola outbreak, it is being feared that coronavirus is currently the world’s biggest health concern. Social media has several fear-inducing videos circulating which are making it seem like the biggest problem to exist in the world at this moment.

The World Health Organization categorized coronavirus as a global emergency last month. The viral ailment has killed more people than the previous coronavirus called SARS. About 400 people in China have lost their lives to the infection.

Yet, it is not the worst virus the world is currently battling. Influenza in America is much worse having killed approx. 10,000 Americans as of yet. This makes the American flu a much bigger worry than the Chinese coronavirus.

2 – The virus has been transmitted through snakes

Previous research has found that the coronavirus has spread from bats. This is because the 2019 novel coronavirus matches the previous two coronaviruses genomically by 88%. However, it is unlikely for the coronavirus to transmit directly from bats to humans.

Civet cats and camels were responsible for transmitting the SARS and MERS viruses. Up till now people thought that the coronavirus 2019 was transmitted by snakes. However, this is merely a myth. Recent research from Chinese scientists has found that the pangolin is the intermediary mammal that has transmitted the virus from bats to humans.

The virus was first detected in the seafood market in Wuhan, China. Now researchers think that has most probably happened because of the illegal trafficking of pangolins in the area.

3 – There is a vaccine for the treatment of this virus

If you have been reading about the novel coronavirus, you would have probably come across many remedies that people claim can help treat coronavirus. There are claims that ginger and essential oils can help beat the virus.

Some are even saying that common drugs and herbs can exit the virus from your system. However, this is not possible and is just a myth. Furthermore, you shouldn’t even think that there is a vaccine out there for the treatment of coronavirus. That is another common myth. You see, there is no vaccine that has yet been developed.

Sure, a vaccine is in the works but for such a treatment to be out, a lot of research and testing is needed. The creation and use of the final vaccine may take up to four months.

4 – Coronavirus affects only those who have weak immunity

Not all victims of coronavirus are the old and weak. In fact, a lot of people who have died in their fight against the virus were young and healthy. Therefore, even if you have a strong immune system and you are perfectly healthy, you should keep your distance from infected individuals.

Moreover, you shouldn’t not take steps to protect and build up your immunity. After all, a strong immune system does help with recovery even if it may not save you from the attack of the virus. In this regard, eat healthy. Also, do not skip sleep and exercise regularly.

To save yourself from the virus, your best bet is to wash your hands and avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your distance from infected individuals.

5 – You can contract the virus through material things

Some folks are of the view that you can have the virus transmitted into you if you touch a parcel received from China. This is, again, untrue. Material things cannot carry the virus and get you infected so this is not something you should worry about.

The WHO has found that coronavirus cannot survive on objects for very long. So, unless you come into contact with a highly contaminated thing or person, you wouldn’t catch the viral ailment. This is why, people in China are wearing gloves and masks.

The virus can spread from your hands, after they come in contact with someone infected, and enter your body through your mouth and nose.

So, these were some common myths that surround the coronavirus. Which other have you heard of?