If the universe was to describe love in one word, that would be ‘complicated.’ And sometimes it is complicated even before it has started to bloom into a relationship. While you understand why you are making it hard for yourself to connect with someone you clearly have feelings for, it can be very confusing if you think that a guy likes you but are not quite sure.

But why would a man who has feelings for you not tell you outright that he does? Well, there can be several reasons behind why a guy may try to hide his genuine interest in you in front of you. For instance, it can be that he has been through heartbreak and is not ready for a relationship yet. Or it can be that he’s a shy guy who fears rejection.

Maybe something dark in his past is keeping him from pursuing you. Or perhaps it is that he doesn’t want to ruin what he already has with you by bringing love in the equation. Maybe, just maybe, if you knew that he had feelings for you could treat him differently. You could hint to him that you are interested in him too for pushing him to come out about his feelings.

Or you could simply not move on to another guy knowing that someone likes you whom you are interested in too. But how are you going to figure out whether this guy, who is hot and cold all the time, actually does have feelings for you? Let’s help you figure out just that. Here are 5 signs a guy likes you but he’s afraid to show it:

1 – He can’t help but look at you

If men like what they see they tend to stare at it with a certain intensity. If you ever catch the guy in question sneaking glances at you or looking at you with a particular seriousness in his eyes, there are high chances that he has feelings for you.

Unless we’re talking about a creep who looks at everyone, a guy who likes you will look at you even when you notice that he’s looking at you but not be open about his feelings.

Or he will turn his gaze when you catch looking in an attempt to hide he was catching a glimpse of you. A key factor to note would be his pupils. If you notice that his pupils are dilated when he looks at you, he probably likes what he’s seeing.

2 – His behavior is different but odd

A man who likes you will treat you differently than other woman. He may be more comfortable while talking to other ladies but when it comes to you, he would be a bit shy.

During conversations while he’d be able to look at other ladies easily in the eyes, while talking to you this man may try to keep conversations clipped so that he doesn’t have to look at you and you don’t get to read what his eyes are saying.

While one day he is open, the other day you may notice him trying to close himself off. Yes, we’re talking about the hot and cold behavior that men give when they don’t want someone to know that they are interested in them because they’re afraid of their own feelings. He may behave in a silly manner, clumsily almost when he looks at you all of a sudden.

3 – He may disappear for days after intense interactions

Another clue that this man that you’re thinking about is interested in you but scared of his feelings for you is that after any intense interaction between you two he tends to get lost completely.

Example, if you bring up a personal topic he may brush it off but without being so aggressive only for him to not hang around you for the next couple of days.

This is a sign that he’s trying to protect his heart. He may then pop out of nowhere with even more intense behavior toward you.

However, as long as this person thinks that you are not aware that he has any feelings toward you, he’ll be there at almost every event. It will be like bumping into him completely unplanned. This is because the guy wants to see you or be around you but without taking any risks.

4 – He will try to avoid being physically intimate with you

A man afraid of his feelings for you will try to keep away from you physically as much as possible. This is because he know that if things get serious he would not be able to back out. And he doesn’t want to break your heart because he cares for it.

His only option would be to admire you from afar or stay in your friendship lane. For instance, if he’s tickling you in a friendly way because he is your friend, he will stop if he notices that you’re getting too close.

His change in behavior would be sudden. You may notice that in moments that have the potential to get steamy, he backs out at the last minute and leaves you on your own in a puddle of confusion.

5 – You just know that he likes you

Sometimes, in fact quite often, women are very correct about their gut instincts. If a guy is not clear about it his feelings and his behavior makes you think one day that he likes it while the other day you can swear that he hates you, he probably really likes you but is afraid of his feelings.

While on the outside you can completely stamp on papers that say that he doesn’t have any feelings for you, one the inside you know that he does.

If that is the case you already have your answer. Just make sure you double check all the signs and don’t just head up to him and say that he likes you and you like him too or you may embarrass yourself.