You don’t always want to read about swords and warriors or tragedies and cutesy love stories. Sometimes you just feel like curling in bed with a smokin’ hot read, one that just plain delights you without requiring you to use too many of your brain cells. Those are the days you pick out a romance novel from your pile of books and get cozy. Only this scenario has an obstacle often – what to read?

If you’re in this confusion, don’t be. We’re here with a short list of 5 romance reads that you totally should devour soon. Read on.

1 – Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love is one of the more popular books of Colleen Hoover’s. The tale of this novel revolves around the romance between Tate Collins and Miles Archer who happens to be Tate’s brother’s friend. Talk about complicated.

To make matters worse, this man also happens to have a twisted past and while he’s as attracted to Tate as she is to him, he’s not willing to have an actual relationship. What the lead characters are left with is a particular sort of physical arrangement. But what happens when love happens? Yeah, dramatic. Just the perfect juicy read with an ace storyline.

2 – Losing It by Cora Carmack

Next up, we have Losing It by Cora Cormack which is about Bliss Edwards and her simple problem of being the only virgin in her circle. To combat this issue, she’s ready to spend a single night with a complete stranger.

But, but the man that she comes across is a lot hotter than she was expecting. The next morning, she finds out that this stranger wasn’t meant to be just a stranger when she instantly recognizes him at her collage. So, this is a rather steamy and funny read for anyone who’s up for such a treat!

3 – Tangled by Emma Chase

Talking about laugh-out-loud reads, here’s an adult romance that will have you goofily laughing till the very end. Tangled by Emma Chase is about a snobbish, rich, seductive, smart and funny businessman who happens to fall for someone who is too eager to be competitive instead.

Drew Evans, the hot lead character, manages to have almost everything with Katherine, the heroine. Only he messes up and that’s when he realizes that he’s hurting his own self in the process. Thus, starts his journey of wooing the one woman who’s managed to wrap him around her finger.

4 – Hate Story by Nicole Williams

Hate Story is one of those underrated romance stories that just deserve more attention. This book will keep you on your toes, waiting for the characters to just admit their feelings. But it’s beautifully put so the slow moves of Max and Nina will be all worth it.

Basically, the lead characters want no such thing as love in their marriage. In fact, they have been hurt well enough to never expect or want it. Their marriage is a mere contract with a decided time for when the divorce is supposed to happen. The issue? Not everything goes according to plan because their feelings decide to act up.

5 – On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Here’s another no-strings-attached in the beginning romance book. It’s one of the popular ones on Goodreads much like the first three ones. On Dublin Street is about Jocelyn Butler and her tragic past, the one she wants to run away from, so much so that she’s moved for outrunning it.

But when she shifts into her new apartment on Dublin street and comes across this gorgeous man, Braden Carmichael, her inside world is completely shaken. Now while they have an only-benefits relationship, Braden wants more. He wants to know everything about Jocelyn but she’s not willing to open up.

This was our list of books that you can read when you want a steamy romance. And these romances are also not just mindless, stupid ones; all these books have at least one thing about them that makes them memorable apart from the smokin’ hot scenes. But keep in mind that you can’t read these books if you’re technically not an adult because nope. So, yeah, shoo away if you’re too young.